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Chapter 11: Words Don't Answer; Only Silence Does

“If a cloud does not hang over the mountain.
the moonlight will penetrate the waves of the lake.”
Before the teacher had finished speaking,
Suigan was enlightened.

Enlightenment is pure silence, the silence of no-mind. Your mind is continuously going on and on, yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak. Do you see it in the meditation? Do you think it is coming from somewhere? It is within you, you are hiding it.

And my effort is: don’t hide it, don’t suppress it, throw it out. Perhaps tears may come to your eyes or laughter and a deep understanding may arise. If Suigan can become enlightened, why can't you? It is everybody’s birthright.

Before we try going into ourselves, into enlightenment, Maneesha has asked one question:

I have heard some sannyasins say about fellow sannyasins who decide to do something else other than be here, “Oh well, perhaps they need to do what they are doing.” Is that true?

It is, Maneesha, up to everyone. This place is not a prison: you are here out of your own understanding. If you feel you need to be somewhere else, don’t wait a single moment, be there where you feel to be. I am all for freedom. Freedom is my religion.

Maneesha is asking:

On one hand I see that if we use everything we decide to do, intelligently of
course, we will learn from it. So it can’t be said we have missed, or that we did
not need to do it.

At least as far as I am concerned, everyone has to decide for himself. I cannot force enlightenment on you.

She is asking: “On the other hand, if we are going to decide what we need to do, what is the point of being with a master?”

There is no point. The point is to be with you! The master is non-essential. If you feel that to be with the master something is growing in you, it is your decision. Otherwise be anywhere you want.

But remember: you will not find another place on this earth at this moment to become enlightened. But enlightenment is not a necessity to everyone: very few people can afford it because it is moving on a razor’s edge. Certainly you cannot become enlightened intelligently. You can become enlightened only if your so-called intelligence is no more interfering in your being.

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