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Chapter 10: That Flame Depends on You

Proper Sagar has informed me that “I am now trying, Osho, so that even Dynamic Meditation can be done on the carpet.” And I think it is possible, because the question is.you will be jumping on the carpet and the carpet will be changing the electric waves in your body. And he does not know “Yaa-Hoo” yet. Otherwise, with “Yaa-Hoo” and the magic carpet that he has, within ten minutes.you enter inside, and after ten minutes a Gautam Buddha goes out!

Just a little dance, “Yaa-Hoo” and see you in the other world! There is no need to do it again and again.

But in the West the mind is mechanical, the approach is mechanical; they want to reduce everything to a machine, and they are capable of reducing it.

But there are things which are beyond the capacity of any machine. Awareness cannot be created by any machine, it is beyond the scope of any hi-tech. But what hi-tech can give you can certainly be used, so when I was informed I immediately ordered that the best, the latest machine should be sent here so I can show my people both things. I can show them what the machine can do and tell them that this is not meditation, and also can tell them that this can be used as a very beautiful jumping ground into meditation.

And once you have tasted awareness perhaps a few times the machine may be helpful, so it becomes more and more clear and your awareness becomes more and more separate from the silence that the machine is creating. Then you should start doing it without the machine. And once you have learned to do it without the machine, the machine has helped you immensely.

But people should not believe in machines too much.

I have heard about a man who was uneducated, could not read. He went to the optician and said, “Just look and check my eyes, because I cannot read.”

So the optician said, “There is no problem, I will check and I will give you glasses and you will be able to read.”

The man said, “Are you certain?”

The optician said, “There is no problem, I am doing it every day.”

But the man said, “One thing you should know I am uneducated!”

The optician said, “Then it is very difficult. Glasses I can give you, but education? If you don’t even recognize the alphabet then glasses will not help. Perhaps your eyes are all right and they don’t need glasses, but you need a certain education.”

But glasses can be helpful if you are able to read and your eyes are not functioning properly. Then glasses can enhance the power, help your eyes. And this is the situation with every machine.

In just a few days.because in India everything takes such a long time. The machines may have already reached Bombay airport, but to take them out of customs is just anybody’s guess: one week, two weeks, three weeks.Here things go so slow.

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