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Chapter 2: Sowing Seed

To make it absolutely clear

that you are not the body, nor the mind,



Relax, and just be a witness.

This witnessing is another name of the buddha.

Witnessing makes you an empty mirror,

reflecting everything without getting identified.

And this is the miracle of meditation;

it gives you freedom, it gives you the beyond.

Gather the experience, the fragrance,

because the time is close that you will be called back.

Taste the nectar,

the eternally running stream of your life,

let it sink deep in your every fiber,

because it is going to be a twenty-four hour lifestyle.

Living or dead, you have to remain as a buddha.



Come back, but come back as a Buddha

with a samadhi,

with a feel of the nectar.

Sit down for a few moments,

just to recollect the experience

of where you have been,

what you have been.

Every day it has to become deeper and deeper.

Can we celebrate the buddhas?