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Chapter 6: Real Freedom

If everything is caused, then there is no freedom for you. You have a certain body because of certain causes: a certain father, a certain mother, a certain country, a certain climate, a certain heredity. You have a certain body; it has been caused. You have a certain mind because of a certain country, a certain culture, a certain education. You have this mind because of certain causes. You speak a particular language because it has been caused. If you were born in China and were never taught to speak any other language than Chinese, it is difficult to conceive that you could speak any other language. Language is caused. Certain factors are needed, then you will speak a certain language.

So there is no freedom in these things. Only spirituality is uncaused. And that is the debate between science and religion, because science says, “Nothing is possible which is uncaused. Everything has a causality. You may know it, you may not know it; that is another thing. The causal factor may be unknown, but everything is caused.” This is the contention of the scientific approach toward life: “Everything is caused. The cause may be known or not known, but everything is caused.”

If everything is caused, then there is no freedom. Then if a buddha is a buddha, it is not any achievement of his. He was caused! And anyone else in his situation, X, Y, Z, will become a buddha. Only the situation has to be there.

So Buddha is replaceable then. Anyone, if put into the same situation, will become a buddha - just like water boils at a particular degree, any water. So the water is irrelevant, which water: from the Ganges or from the Godavari or from anywhere, any water will boil at a particular degree, evaporate at a particular degree. At a hundred degrees water will evaporate, in any country, in any climate, in any age. So which water is irrelevant: at one hundred degrees heat, evaporation is caused. So use any water, A, B, C.

Science says it is the same with Buddha: “Put any man, A, B, C, in the same situation. Given the same situation a buddha will be caused. We don’t know the situation yet; that’s another thing. We will know one day. And it is absurd to teach someone: ‘Be a buddha!’ No one can be. But create the situation. If you say to water, ‘Evaporate!’ water cannot evaporate, but create the situation and the water evaporates.”

Water has no freedom to choose. The situation is the significant factor. If the situation is there, automatically water will evaporate.

Science says, “Man’s situation is very complex. It is not so simple as creating heat for the water to evaporate. It is complex, but still everyone is caused, everything is caused.”

If this is the case, then there is no freedom. Really, in this century, this thought has become very deeply rooted in the human mind. Because of this, now psychologists say, “No criminal is a criminal - he is caused. And no buddha is a buddha - he is caused.” Everyone is just a slave; there is no responsibility. With the concept of freedom gone, there is no responsibility.

So when you ask me why people are not interested in transforming their life, their inner energy, into spiritual light, the why is irrelevant, cannot be asked. With freedom, why disappears. You can ask why this water is not evaporating; then you have to find out, in the situation, why. Go deep down in the situation, and you will find out the answer why this water is not evaporating. Some factor is missing. Bring the factor in and the water will evaporate.

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