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Chapter 9: I Want to Provoke Your Jealousy

My work is bound to be totally different. I want to provoke your jealousy, because that is the only way to get rid of it. First you have to know that you have it; then you can drop it, because it is misery and hell. But you can repress it so deeply that the question of dropping it does not arise.

I have lived in abundance because to me there is no division between the material and the spiritual. The teaching to live in poverty is dangerous: you will be materially poor, and you will be spiritually poor too, because there is no division. I teach you to live richly, in abundance materially and spiritually both. It is not a question of whether you should live materially in abundance or spiritually. The basic question is whether you should live in abundance, in richness. It is natural and existential. It is your very basic urge to blossom in abundance, to know all the colors, to know all the songs, to know all the beauties of life.

Certainly I am bound to come in conflict with the old, because the whole human past has been praising poverty and making it equal to spirituality, which is absolute nonsense. Spirituality is the greatest richness that can happen to a man, and it contains all other richnesses. It is not against any other richness; it is simply against all kinds of poverty.

So what I have been trying is something so radical that it is bound to create antagonism all around the world from every corner. People have lived with certain values for so long that although those values have given them only misery, they don’t see the connection. Those values have not made them fulfilled, contented - but they don’t see the connection.

I want my people to become symbolic.to make the whole world aware that their misery is caused by their wrong values, that they are poor because they have respected poverty - and their behavior is so insane. On the one hand they will respect poverty, and on the other hand they will say, “Serve the poor.” Strange! If poverty is so spiritual then the most spiritual thing will be to make every rich man poor, to help the rich man to be poor, so he can become spiritual. Why help the poor? Do you want to destroy their spirituality?

But a deep unconsciousness, a great blindness exists; I am fighting against a mountainous unconsciousness, darkness. Naturally they will be very much annoyed. They would have loved me, they would have worshipped me. It would have been so easy for me to do what they wanted, but then I would have been continuing the old misery, the old disease, the old stupidity. I decided to be disrespectable and not to help any nonsensical value system.

It is a very simple thing to see why ascetics - self-destructive people engaged in a kind of slow suicide - have been respected: because it is unnatural, because you cannot do it. They are doing something which you cannot do. Somebody is standing on his head in the road - and there will be a crowd immediately. You are walking on your legs - no crowd will be there!

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