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Chapter 13: You Can’t Hold on and Clap Too

You have found the way, just by not clinging to anything, even to a window frame which is hanging in the empty sky. Every temptation is there to hang onto it. Against that temptation I have to persuade you at least to clap. And soon you will know that you have passed through a death and reached to a new life, a new path. It is a resurrection.

The Christians have committed a great mistake by making the resurrection of Jesus a historical fact. It is not a historical fact. It is an existential reality that if you drop all clinging, your whole life will disappear and you will find yourself a totally new life - with new visions, new longings, new desires, new light, new challenges, new stars calling you for the pilgrimage.

That Sufi story was not written by a story writer. It is the experience of all those who have lived with a master, who have dropped everything and are just clinging to the master - his love, his trust. And now the whole art of the master is, somehow, to make you clap. Once you have lost the window you have found the door to the divine.

Gautam Buddha used to say, “When you burn a candle, first the flame burns the wax of the candle, but there comes a moment when all the wax has disappeared.the candle also disappears.”

The master first helps you to be unattached to everything, and brings your total energy in a deep trust.very single-pointed, holding the hand of the master. Now that is your only protection, and for this protection you have dropped all other protections.

But you don’t know that the master is going to drop you one day into an abysmal depth - which only appears abysmal. It is only six inches from the mind to your heart; that is the distance.

And once you have reached to your heart, you have found the way to your being.

Now, your ultimate realization is not far away.

Devageet, whatever is happening to you is beautiful. Allow it to happen, and help others also. Finally the clinging with the master has also to be dropped.

Gautam Buddha has said, “If I meet you on the way, cut off my head immediately.” It is one of the most strange statements made by any master ever. What does he mean? He means that as you go deeper in your meditation, the whole world will be left behind, but the love that has become stronger and stronger every moment with the master will be the last barrier.

Between you and existence, the last barrier is going to be the master. And Buddha is absolutely right, “Don’t think even for a single moment. If you meet me on the way, immediately cut off my head. Once I am removed from your way, you have found your home.”

The master is a device himself. First to help you uncling to other things - money, power, prestige; and then finally to help you with the final unclinging, to the master himself. And you will be immensely grateful that the master did not block the way.

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