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Chapter 2: The Who behind All Who’s

Thinking about godliness has nothing to do with godliness. Thinking about light has nothing to do with light. In fact, only a blind man thinks about light. The man who has eyes enjoys light, he does not think about it. Have you ever thought about light? You enjoy it, you live it. It is dancing everywhere amongst the trees: you feel it, you experience it. Buddha is not a philosopher, in the Western sense of the word. He is a seer who has seen. And because he has seen he has become free: free of mind. The mind is needed only if you are a thinker.

Plato and Kant and Hegel and Marx and Bertrand Russell are philosophers. Lao Tzu, Buddha, Zarathustra, Jesus, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Eckhart are not philosophers; they are seers. These are two totally different currents.

Belong to the seers. Be a seer, because without seeing the truth there is no deliverance.

The second question:

The other day I understood that you don’t know each and every one of us. But isn’t it really important that you know us personally? The master leads the disciple by the hand towards the abyss, but how is this possible if you don’t know us, and who is who?

The personality is false; the master never knows his disciples by their personality. He never knows them personally, he knows them essentially. And there is a great difference between the two. To know you personally is meaningless. What is your personality? - the accident of your birth, the accident of your upbringing - as a Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian - your name, your face, your color, your country. All these things make your personality; and all these things are false, all these things are accidental.

I am concerned with the essential core of your being - and that is not different. It is the same core in everyone. The original face is the same behind all the faces. It has no color; it has no form, no shape. It has nothing to do with your father and mother, with your country. It has nothing to do with your name. I am concerned with your original face.

You come into the world without a name. The name has a certain utility in the world. The master knows you not by your accidents; he knows you by your essence. He does not know you personally; he knows you spiritually.

So I don’t know who is who, but I know the “who” behind all “who’s” - the essential one.

You say, “The master leads the disciple by the hand towards the abyss.” I have got only two hands, and if I go on leading disciples by the hand towards the abyss, then it will take much time to finish all my disciples! That won’t do. Jesus may have done it - he had only twelve disciples - but how can I manage that?

I have to work out a different way. I cannot take you by your hands. I catch hold of your souls; for that, hands are not needed. And I know you perfectly: you, as you are before existence, in your utter nudity, in your bare essence.

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