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Chapter 16: This Existence Is Paradise

Even if the whole world is against me it will not make me angry. It will certainly make me feel sorry, but not angry.sorry for them, because I had brought a golden treasure for them to share. And I was not trying to convert them. They could have enjoyed my experience and gone on their way with all my blessings. Perhaps my experience somewhere on their way might have helped them. But I cannot be angry. It is their choice.

I have never followed anybody. I have never been part of any religion, any political ideology, and it seems everybody around the world is angry with me. Christians are angry because I will not accept all that they say about Jesus Christ - I know it is not possible. I will not accept all that they say about God, because none of them has experienced it. I will not accept their spirituality - it is all bogus. Basically, they are all materialists.

Just the other day I received two letters - one letter from a minister of a Methodist church.very respectful, very loving. The reason was that he had heard on the television that I am going to distribute all the Rolls Royces to my sannyasins. He wants one for his Methodist church. These are the people who were against my Rolls Royces, but when it comes to getting one, they are ready to be beggars.

Another one I have received from The Dalles. The bishop tells me, “It will be a good gesture of friendship and love from your side towards Oregonians if you withdraw the case against the community church in the City of Rajneesh.”

In the first place it was not a Christian church; it was a community church, it belonged to the whole community. And if sannyasins are living there, they have every right to use it, they are part of the community. But before the old council had to resign they donated the church - which is absolutely illegal - to The Dalles, to the head office of their fellow Christian worshippers. Now, what has The Dalles to do with it?

In the first place it was illegal; a community church cannot be donated to a Christian hierarchy. A community church remains a community church, it will belong to whoever constitutes the community. But we don’t need it. It is so old, and so dirty, and so dilapidated - no sense of beauty. So I said, “It is okay, we will withdraw the case. You can have it, although it is illegal.”

But the council, before dissolving itself, also gave up the fire station with the community church. Now I cannot conceive that fire stations have also begun to be Christians, Jews, Hindus, Mohammedans. He does not mention it.

I have said to him, “I will ask my people - because I don’t hold any power - I will advise them to give the church to the Christians, because we don’t use such dirty and dilapidated places. It is good for people who are sad and miserable and suffering, with Jesus Christ on the cross - it is good for them. It is not good for my people who are dancing and laughing and enjoying. They need a different kind of place, where laughter is not sin, where love is not condemned, where the cross - which is a symbol of death - is not praised. But what about the fire station? That should be returned to the city.”

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