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Chapter 5: From Nothing to Nothing

And he says to the king and to the others who must have gathered to listen to this great discourse: “Friends..” He calls them friends; this has to be understood. From the side of the master the disciple is the friend, but not from the side of the disciple. Sometimes a few sannyasins write to me; just the other day there was a question.. One sannyasin had written, “Osho, I cannot think of you as my master, but I think of you as my friend. Is there something wrong in it?” Nothing from my side, it is perfectly okay. But something is missing from your side and you will be at a loss. Why is it so?

From the side of the master you are friends, because he can see that it is only a question of time; otherwise you have already arrived. It is only a question of time and one day you will become awake. You are all buddhas! From the side of the master the whole existence is already enlightened. The rocks and the trees and the stars and the animals and the birds and men and women - the whole existence is enlightened from the side of the master. It is only a question of time, and time is irrelevant. You are all there. You don’t know it, that is true, but the master knows.

The day I knew my own self, I knew the very self of existence. Since then I have not looked at anybody as unenlightened; I cannot, that is impossible. Yes, you don’t recognize your fact, but I cannot deny it. From my side you are friends; you are me. But from your side, if you think that you cannot accept me as your master and you can only think about me as a friend, then it is up to you. But know that you will miss.

What is the difference? When you accept a person as a friend, you mean that you accept him as your equal; a friend is equal to you. Yes, you are friends to me because I see that you are just equal to me, there is no difference. But if you see me as an equal to you, then your growth will stop.

When I see you as equal to me, I am raising you to my being. When you see me as equal to you, you are pulling me down to your level. Just see the difference. When I say that you are equal to me I am trying to pull you to me. When you say, “Osho, you are equal to us,” you pull me to your level. Naturally you cannot pull anywhere else, you don’t know any other level. And why is it difficult to accept somebody as your master? The ego.at most the ego wants you to accept me as the friend.

It is up to you, it is your choice. If that is the way you want it to be, let it be that way - but then I am not responsible if nothing happens to you. Then it is your responsibility, utterly your responsibility, if nothing happens to you, because you have created the barrier. I can flow towards you only when you look upwards at me, because the flow of energy is possible only downwards.

I am not losing anything if you think of me as your friend, I am not losing anything even if you think of me as your enemy - that doesn’t matter. You will be losing. The man who thinks that I am his enemy and the man who thinks that I am his friend, both think of me in the same way. The man who thinks I am his enemy is making me equal to him, and the man who thinks I am his friend is doing the same. They are not different people. When you look upwards you can be hooked by the upward energy, you can be pulled.

Saraha says: