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Chapter 13: Beyond Polarities, Beyond Time

I am not going to say that you will feel strong. I am not going to say that. You will feel neither strong nor weak. And that is the moment of freedom. When you are neither weak nor strong, you just are - because when you are strong, the same process continues. More will be asked. If you are weak, more will be asked. It makes no difference; the difference is only of degrees.

Whatsoever you are at this moment, be with it. Don’t escape in imagination. Then there is no helplessness, then there is no weakness, then there is no strength. And when there is no comparison, you are authentically yourself. There is no condemnation either, no appreciation either: you are, and there is a total acceptance, a total acceptance.

And when one accepts oneself totally, one accepts the whole of existence. Unless you can accept yourself, you will never be able to accept anyone. It is impossible for one who cannot accept himself to accept anyone. And then the whole misery follows.

You love someone, and you cannot accept him: he could be more lovely, he could be more beautiful, he could be more healthy. The “more” will follow, and with the “more” you will condemn that which is; you are bound to condemn it.

You cannot love because love requires total acceptance. You cannot accept yourself, so how can you accept anyone else? Impossible! And this non-acceptance, this constant denial, creates misery.

Wherever you are, you are unhappy - not because there is any fixed destiny for you to be unhappy; it is only because you have been playing with the faculty of the mind which imagines, and not with the faculty of the mind which remains with the fact. Mind has both faculties. Imagination is needed. It helps in many ways; it creates all the dimensions of discovery. Use it there, invent through it. But it is a misused, misdirected imagination if you begin to deny the fact and create a fiction. Then you will miss existence completely, constantly, continuously.

So you feel weak, one feels weak and helpless, because one has an image. That is your creation. Destroy the image and be with the fact. Then there is an explosion. You feel neither weak nor strong. You just feel you are, and there is a freedom from relativity, from comparison. And once you are free from comparing yourself with your own images, you will never compare yourself with anyone, because he is he and you are you and every comparison is nonsense. Then there is a total acceptance of all that is. In this total acceptance is the ecstasy of life. Then, moment to moment you live it and feel the bliss of it.

So it is not about how to be strong, it is about how to be free from this craving. Why this craving? Why does one want to be something other than how one is? Why is there this craving to be something else, to be someone else, to be somewhere else? Why?

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