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Chapter 8: Our Dance Is Forever

It does not matter at what time you have arrived to me - in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or even in the middle of the night - what matters is that you have arrived. You will have to be a little patient, because those who have come before are having flowers, fragrance, foliage.

But rather than becoming jealous of them, take courage from their experience, because the seed needs great courage. Unless the seed is ready to die in the earth there is no possibility of any sprout being born. The death of the seed is the birth of the plant. Seeing all those bushes and plants full of flowers will give you encouragement so that you need not be afraid. Your seed also contains many flowers, much future, much joy. And if I have been able to give other plants their basic needs like earth and water, I will become your earth, your water too.

But you are new and must be wondering whether this miracle that has happened to other trees is going to happen to you, or not. It all depends on you. If you are ready to die as a seed, as an ego, immediately you will start growing, blossoming. The spring always waits at the door - just you have to gather courage to disappear in the earth. And the master is nothing but an excuse for your ego to die.

You are afraid to lose your ego because you don’t know, if you lose your ego, what will remain. But look around - and you are aware that people are blossoming. They were also in the same state in which you are, but they arrived in the morning and you have come in the evening.

In India we have a proverb: If a man is lost in the morning and comes back home in the evening, he should not be called “the lost”. He has arrived, what does it matter whether it was morning or evening? All that is significant is arriving home.

I am going to be your earth and I am going to be your water - just as I have been the earth and water to others. Allow your seed to disappear. The moment the disciple disappears in the master, spring has come. Then thousands of flowers will be yours. Right now, also they are with you, but only as a potential. They need actualization; and for actualization the seed has to die.

It is one of the mysteries of life, that the seed protects your potential until it finds the right soil. But the seed is blind. It is a protective layer, but the protective layer can become an imprisonment if you start clinging with it. Say good-bye to it. Be grateful to it that it protected you till you reached the place where you could discard it. And you can come out of it with all your glory, with all your beauty.

Every man is born with the potential of the divine in him; no man is there without the potential.

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