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Chapter 7: The Obstacles to Meditation

Disease, languor, doubt, carelessness, laziness, sensuality, delusion, impotency and instability are the obstacles that distract the mind.

Take each - disease: For Patanjali, disease means dis-ease. It is a nonrhythmic way of your inner bioenergy. You feel uncomfortable. If this discomfort, this dis-ease, continues, sooner or later it will affect your body. Patanjali will agree with acupuncture absolutely, and in Russia a man named Kirlian will agree with Patanjali absolutely. Acupuncture is not concerned with enlightenment, but acupuncture is concerned with how the body becomes diseased, how illness happens, and acupuncture has discovered seven hundred points on the body where the inner bioenergy touches the physical body - seven hundred touchpoints all around the body.

Whenever the electricity is not flowing in a circle in these seven hundred points - there are some gaps, a few points are no longer functioning, through a few points the electricity is no longer moving, blocks are there, electricity is cut, it is not a circle - then disease happens. So acupuncture believes that without any medicine, without any other treatment, if you allow the bioenergy flow to become a circle the disease disappears. Acupuncture was born five thousand years ago, almost when Patanjali was alive.

As I told you, after two thousand five hundred years there comes a peak of human consciousness. It happened in the time of Buddha: in China with Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Confucius; in India with Buddha, Mahavira and others; in Greece with Heraclitus; in Iran with Zarathustra. The peak phenomenon happened. All the religions that you see now in the world derive from that moment of human consciousness. From that peak, the Himalaya, all the rivers of all the religions have been flowing for these two thousand five hundred years.

In just the same way, two thousand five hundred years before Buddha, there was a peak phenomenon. There was Patanjali, Rishabh - the originator of Jainism - the Vedas, the Upanishads, acupuncture in China, yoga in India and Tantra: these all happened. They attained a peak. Never again has that peak been surpassed. From that very remote past, five thousand years back, yoga, Tantra and acupuncture have been flowing like rivers.

There is a certain phenomenon which Jung had called synchronicity. When a certain principle is born, not only one person, but many on the earth become aware of it, as if the whole earth is ready to receive it. Einstein is reported to have said, “If I had not discovered the theory of relativity, then within a year somebody else would have discovered it.” Why? Because many people all over the earth were working in the same direction.

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