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Chapter 8: This Is the Queen: Cleopatra

Drop the self, drop that “too much confidence”, it is egoistic. and suddenly there IS enlightenment, there is no need to wait! Waiting is there because of the obstacles you are creating. Enlightenment is not creating any obstacles on your path. God is not pushing you away from himself. Nobody is creating any difficulty for you. If you are not reaching it is only because of you.

So drop self-confidence, drop the self, and then suddenly you find that enlightenment is not something that happens to you; enlightenment is your very nature, your very being. When the self is not - it is; then it is yourself.

And forget all consolations.

You must have heard, I have told it many times myself, the famous story of the fox and the grapes. One of the very extraordinary men, Aesop, wrote it. A fox comes near a tree, and the tree is full of grapes, bunches of grapes. She jumps, she tries hard, but cannot reach the grapes; they are too far away, her jump is not long enough. Then she looks all around - is somebody watching? A small hare is watching from a bush, and he asks, “Aunty, what is the matter? Couldn’t you reach the grapes?” She says, “No son, that is not the thing. The grapes are sour.”

This is consolation.

I tell you the grapes are never sour - at least the grapes of enlightenment; never sour; they are always ripe and sweet; and if you cannot reach, don’t try to console yourself that you love waiting, just try to understand why you are forced to wait. Who is forcing you to wait? You will not find anybody else, just you yourself, that self-confidence and the self.

The second question:

Is the chaos that is occurring today in our age any different from that of other times? It feels as though it is a special time. Or is it that all time is special?

Yes, all time is special, every moment is special. But every age feels that this age is special. That is the ego of the age. Every age has always felt that there has never been such a time, such a revolutionary time, such chaos, such wars, such knowledge, such wisdom - but something is special.

I have heard - I don’t know how far it is correct, but it must be, knowing human mind it has to be - when Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden, it is said that the first words that were uttered, getting out of the gate, were Adam saying to Eve, “My dear, this is the greatest revolutionary time we are passing through.”

The first day of the world, the first moment rather, the first step in the world - and the revolution! “This is the greatest revolutionary time we are passing through.” And since then every Adam has felt that, and every Adam has said to every Eve, “My dear, this is the greatest age we are living through, very special.”

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