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Chapter 1: Who Says Humanity Needs Saving?

Who says that the devil seduced Adam and Eve? It was God! Even without the devil, I say to you Adam and Eve would have eaten those fruits. The devil is not needed; God has done the work Himself. Sooner or later it would have been impossible to resist the temptation. Why should God prevent them?

All efforts to make people obedient simply lead them into disobedience. All efforts to enslave people make them more and more strong to rebel, to be free.

Even Sigmund Freud knows more psychology than your God, and Sigmund Freud is a Jew, just in the same tradition of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are his forefathers’ forefathers’ forefathers, but somewhere the same bloodstream is flowing. Sigmund Freud is more intelligent; and in fact there is no need for much intelligence to see a simple fact.

In my childhood, in my neighborhood, lived the richest man of the city. He had the only palatial building - all marble. Around his house there was a beautiful garden, lawn. One day I was standing just outside his fence, and he was telling something to his gardener. I told him, “Dada” - he was known as dada; dada means big brother. The whole town called him Dada, even people who were older than him, because he was rich.

I said to him, “You should remember one thing. Put a few posters around the garden that nobody should urinate here, because I have seen a few people urinating around your house.” And it was a good place to urinate because a big garden, trees.you could go behind them.

He said, “That’s right!” The next day he painted a few instructions around the garden: “No Pissing Allowed” - and since that day the whole town has been pissing around his house! He came to see my father. He said, “Where is your boy? - he has made my house hell. And who has said to him that he has to advise me?”

My father said, “But what advice has he given to you? If you had asked me I would have told you never to listen to him; it always leads into some trouble. What happened?”

He said, “Nothing. I was just talking to the gardeners. He said, ‘Dada, I have seen a few people urinating.’ I have never seen them myself, my gardeners said, ‘We have never seen anybody,’ but the idea struck me that it is true: huge trees, bushes.people may be urinating in my garden or around my garden. This is not to be allowed anymore. So he suggested to me to make a few posters around the house: ‘No Pissing Allowed.’ So I did that, and since that day the whole town is pissing around my garden. Where is your boy?”

My father said, “It is very difficult to know where he is. Whenever he comes, he comes; whenever he goes, he goes. He is not under our control. But if he has started giving advice to you, he will come to give more advice - don’t be worried. If his one piece of advice has worked, he will come; you just wait. And if he comes and I find him, I will bring him to you.”

My father caught hold of me in the evening and he said, “You come. Why did you give this advice?”

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