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Chapter 12: Be Capable of Non-Doing

Allow it to come up, but don’t be angry with anybody. Whenever you feel anger coming up, close the room, put a pillow in front of you, and be angry with the pillow. Pillows are almost buddhas: they don’t react, mm? And they will not take any revenge. When you have beaten the pillow well and you are satisfied, then bow down to the pillow and ask his forgiveness. Even things should be respected. Respect should become your very style of life, and it should not make any distinction between persons and things.

So use a pillow, don’t be angry with anybody. Anger is coming because when energy arises, when energy starts coming up, many things that you have repressed deep down in the stomach will start coming up.

Primal Therapy will be very helpful.but anger has to be thrown out with a pillow. Don’t just go on holding it, throw it out. The moment you become aware of it, throw it out.

In a month, when the anger is completely gone, one will feel a new life; one becomes almost weightless. Anger is your weight - it is on your head like a rock, heavy, crushing you. Once it is removed you will start moving, almost flying.


A few weeks ago, this film producer had told Osho she had come in contact with a new lease of energy. He suggested she should find a new channel through which to release it.

I feel out of touch with that energy now.numb.and I am having trouble with the meditations.

Don’t be worried; let that numbness be there.it will go by itself. You have always been too occupied. That occupation has become like an addiction, and it should not be so. Work is good but it should not become an addiction. Many people have made their work like a drug so they can forget themselves in their work - just like a drunkard forgetting himself in alcohol.

Your work has become alcoholic, and that is why I have not allowed you to go and work.I’m waiting.

Let this numbness go. One should be as capable of non-doing as of doing - then one is free. One should be capable of sitting, not doing anything, as perfectly and beautifully and blissfully as when one is working hard and doing many things; then one is flexible.

There are two types of people: a few who are glued to their lethargy, and the other extreme who are glued to their occupation. Both are in prisons. One should be capable of moving from one to another with no effort, effortlessly. Then you have a certain freedom, a certain grace and a spontaneity to your being.

I am not against work, I am not against anything - but nothing should become an addiction. Otherwise you are in a very very confused state.

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