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Chapter 1: Hold Your Tongue

Then the fakir said, “I will show you one more thing.” He took a little dust and spread it over the crystal. It immediately became light, went up into the air, and the treasures came down.

Alexander could not contain his amazement anymore and asked the fakir, “Please, you must tell me. What is this object?”

Said the fakir, “It is nothing special. It is only a human eye.”

Man has the capacity to see himself too, but that capacity is full of dust. We have an inner eye too - the third eye - but that eye is not functioning, and we have not used it for so long that it has gone out of function completely; it has become a paralyzed part in our being.

Now even physiologists have discovered a certain part in the human brain which seems to be absolutely superfluous. They are puzzled because nature never creates anything superfluous. It must have a purpose, but it seems to have no purpose. It can be removed and that will not affect you at all.

But all the mystics down the ages have been saying the same thing - of course, not in scientific terminology; they have their own way of saying it. They call it the third eye. A certain part of your mind is capable of functioning in an introvert way only. Meditation creates the right atmosphere, the right climate for it to function.

Meditation simply means removing the dust that the fakir threw on the eye. And the dust is nothing but the whole mind process of thoughts, desires, imagination, memory. If you become capable of a few intervals, gaps, when all thought processes cease.suddenly you are and there is nothing to see inside. Then the turning happens; then immediately there is a radical change in your vision, your gestalt changes. The outside world disappears and the inside world appears.

It is because of this that the mystics say that the outside world is illusory. Not that it does not exist; it exists, but it is illusory because the mystic knows a certain state of consciousness when it simply evaporates, it is found no more. You enter into a totally different dimension: the dimension of bliss, the dimension of peace, the dimension of Buddha, Christ, Krishna.

These sutras today are very special. This whole series.this is the last series of Buddha’s sutras. Up to now he was talking to the disciples who were getting ready. Now this last part of his sutras is meant for the bodhisattvas, for those who have become ready, for those who have experienced something of the inner. It is not for the initiates, it is not for the adepts. Hence this last part is the most important part.

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