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Chapter 18: A Good Laugh Is the Greatest Prayer

Gautam Buddha was born on the boundary line of India and Nepal. Now Nepalese are not known for much beauty. They are part of the Mongolian race. Their size is small, their faces don’t show the beauty that you will find in Kashmir. But Gautam Buddha’s statues are in a way not factual.

I don’t believe that such a beautiful man was born on the border of India and Nepal. I have been over the whole territory of Nepal and I have never come across anything resembling this beauty. Perhaps Gautam Buddha was also just an ordinary Nepalese, but why have the statues been made so beautiful? The artists, the sculptors were not seeing only the physical frame of Gautam Buddha, they were also seeing a tremendously powerful aura around him that was making him so beautiful. And it would have been wrong to make his statues as he would have looked before enlightenment. So those statues are all made after his enlightenment.

Almost the same has happened with Jesus. There has been an inscription found in the rocks near Galilee that describes Jesus Christ as an ugly man, extraordinarily ugly. If you had seen him he was repulsive. His height in that inscription is only four feet five inches and on top of it all, he is described as a hunchback. Now you cannot call such a man beautiful. But all the statues and the descriptions by the disciples in the gospels do not mention that he was a pygmy, four feet five inches high, that he was ugly and repulsive, that he was a hunchback. They describe him as poetically, as aesthetically as possible.

And I am absolutely certain that they are not making it up. It is not their desire to present Jesus Christ their master to the world as beautiful. They have seen his beauty, but that beauty is not the ordinary beauty; that beauty is of grace.

From the other side also you can see that you can sometimes find very beautiful people, physically - if you look they are tremendously beautiful - but if you are living close enough to them you will find their ugliness starts coming out of their physical structure. Their physical structure may be like Cleopatra, but Cleopatra to me was not a beautiful woman. She may have had the form of a beautiful body but her intentions and her state of consciousness were very ugly. She cannot have any grace; she was selling her body to anybody, just to remain the queen of Egypt. She was not using the army to fight, she was using her own body. And great generals like Anthony were caught into her trap. She was using her beauty for ugly ends. She could not have grace.

So it is possible that a man or a woman may be physically beautiful, but if his inner being is full of darkness that darkness will show. There is no way for her to cover that darkness by any kind of makeup. In ordinary photographs she will look beautiful. But in Russia one scientist photographer, Kirlian, has developed very sensitive films that also take the photograph of your aura. They not only take your physical frame, but the light that surrounds you, that surrounds every living being, even the trees.

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