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Chapter 5: The Day Has Been Hilarious

The fifth is affluence.

Buddha renounced his kingdom: what affluence? He was not called Bhagwan when he was the prince; he was called Bhagwan when he renounced the kingdom. Mahavira renounced his kingdom. These were beggars! - what affluence?

If affluence is the criterion, then the great Akbar, who ruled over the greatest part of India, should be called Bhagwan. Or Genghis Khan, who killed forty million people alone, terrorized the whole continents of Asia and Europe, should be called Bhagwan. Stalin should be called Bhagwan, because the Soviet Union is the biggest territory in the world, and he ruled over it most of his life. He was the man who defeated Adolf Hitler. He should be called Bhagwan, although he killed one million Russians.even his own people.

All the dictators of the world, all the richest exploiters of the world should be called Bhagwan, if affluence is the meaning of the word. But not Mahavira. Standing naked.what affluence? He had not even a begging bowl in his hands.

Sixth, detachment.

If detachment is the criterion, then what about Mohammed having nine wives? - and the richest woman he married just for money. He was only twenty-six and the woman was forty. She was a widow, but had the most money in Saudi Arabia. He married the woman not for beauty, not for any love, but just for her money.

His whole life he was holding his sword, although on his sword he had written, “Peace is my message.” Strange.He killed as many people as you can conceive, and peace is his message!

Mahavira will accept neither Mohammed nor Jesus.

Jesus was very much in love with wine. He even converted water into wine - absolutely a criminal act. He was visiting prostitutes. Neither Mahavira nor Buddha is going to accept Jesus or Mohammed as Bhagwan.

What detachment can you see in Krishna? He never renounced his kingdom. He was one of the greatest warriors, and conquered as much land as possible, was unafraid to kill millions of people in war. What detachment? You cannot call Krishna Bhagwan anymore - according to the so-called, self-styled Jaina monk, Daulatsagar Suriswarji - you cannot call Rama Bhagwan.

Rama is the most common name in India; it has almost become synonymous with Bhagwan.

But Rama never renounced his kingdom. On the contrary, because a washerman found that his wife had not returned home the whole night - in the morning she came, she must have been visiting some lover - he said, “I am not like Rama, whose wife Sita has been for years in confinement, in the hands of Ravana, Rama’s enemy, and yet he has accepted her. I am not Rama; just get lost. Don’t come to this home again.”

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