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Chapter 5: He Is the Moon

A visiting psychiatrist, wandering through the wards of a state asylum, saw a patient huddled in a corner scratching himself incessantly.

“Excuse me,” said the doctor, “why do you scratch yourself like that?”

“Because,” replied the man, “I’m the only one who knows where I itch.”

There are things which can only be trusted if they become your personal experience.

But you are afraid of death, you believe in an afterlife, you desire an afterlife. You are afraid of being alone, you want protection. You want a God, a father figure. You are still childish. You can’t live on your own, you can’t stand on your own feet. Your real father may be dead or if he is not dead now you know perfectly well that he is as limited as you are - he has his own fears, he has his own tremblings. Now you cannot believe in him in the same way as you used to believe when you were a small child; then your father was all-knowing, all-powerful.

Every child brags about his father, saying, “He is the greatest man in the world!” But sooner or later, he finds he is just an ordinary man like everybody else. He knows that, “He suffers from the same fears as I do.” Now he is no more a protection to him.

You cannot hide behind your mother anymore.. You need a greater father, hence the projection of God. It is just your need, your desire for security, safety, for protection. You are not mature enough yet; hence you believe in God.

And look at the qualities of God: omnipresent.obviously. If he is not everywhere, then what is the point of believing in him? You may fall in a ditch and he is not there, and you may go on shouting and he is not there, or he is engaged somewhere else. And there are millions of people on this earth and this is not the only earth. Scientists say there are at least fifty thousand earths which are populated with life, millions of stars. If he is not omnipresent - and you are so small and the universe is so big - how is he going to take care of you? Of course you believe he is omnipresent, he is everywhere, so wherever you need him he is immediately available, instantly available.

So he may be omnipresent, but if he is not omnipotent, then? He may not be capable enough to help you; he may have only two hands, and with two hands how much can he do? Hence there are people who believe that he has thousands of hands. But even thousands of hands won’t do much, so you have to believe that he is infinite, that his power is infinite, he can do anything.

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