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Chapter 3: Godliness, Not God

I lived with him for almost six months before he moved to another university. He wanted me to move with him to another university, but my vice-chancellor was reluctant. He said, “Professor Roy, you can go. Professors will come and go, but we may not find such a student again. So I am not going to give him his certificates and I am not going to allow him to leave the university. And I will write to the university where you are going, that my student should not be taken in there either.”

But he remained loving to me. It was a rare phenomenon: he used to come almost every month to see me from his university, almost two hundred miles away from my university. But he would come at least once every month just to see me, just to sit with me. And he said, “Now I am getting a better salary and everything is more comfortable there, but I miss you. The class seems to be dead. Nobody asks questions like you, which cannot be answered.”

And I told him, “This is an agreement between me and you: I only call a question, a question-which-cannot-be-answered. If it can be answered, what kind of a question is it?”

God: perfect, absolute, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent - these are the words used for god by all the religions - is dead, cannot be alive, cannot breathe. No, I reject such a god, because with such a dead god, this whole universe would be dead.

Godliness is a totally different dimension.

Then the greenness in the tree, then the flowering of the rose, then the bird in flight - all are part of it. Then God is not separate from the universe. Then he is the very soul of the universe. Then the universe is vibrating, pulsating, breathing: godliness.

So I am not an atheist, but I am not a theist either. And there is a third term also, which is “agnostic.” Socrates, Bertrand Russell, people like these are agnostic. An agnostic means one who says, “I don’t know whether God is, or God is not.”

These agnostics are at least more honest than your so-called theists in the churches, in the synagogues, in the temples, in the mosques - all phony and hypocrites, not knowing what god is and still bowing down. Their hearts are empty, their prayers are phony, they don’t mean what they are saying and doing. They are just imitating their forefathers; they are just puppets in the hands of tradition. They are hypnotized by their society, culture, civilization; they are conditioned by the teachers, by the priests, by their parents. What they are saying is not their own; it is borrowed.

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