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Chapter 2: You Are the World

Birbal told Akbar, “You don’t understand human mind at all. Your pond will be full of water.”

He said, “What nonsense.? It is my order!”

Birbal said, “Your order, or anybody’s order - I understand human mind.”

Akbar said, “Let us wait; tomorrow morning it will be decided who is right.”

And the next morning both went to the garden, and the pond was full of water.

Akbar said, “This is strange. How did it happen? Catch a few people from the street, whoever is available, and ask how it happened.” And the people were threatened: if they spoke any lie, their life would be at risk; if they said the truth, they would be set free.

They said, “The truth is, we thought the whole capital would bring buckets of milk. One bucket of water would be completely overlooked, nobody would ever know. But now I see that the pond is full of water; it seems that everybody had the same thought - the whole capital! Not a single man was different.”

The human mind functions exactly the same.

So if the world is such a tragedy, it is our human minds which are creating it; we are contributing our bucketful of misery.

No revolution can be successful unless the human mind is understood by human beings and they start behaving in a different way - not hoping that “My bucketful of water is not going to be noticed at all.” If everybody understands that this idea is what will come to every human mind, and decides, “At least I should bring a bucketful of milk. I should not behave in such an unconscious way as all human beings are behaving..”

It is possible to have the pond full of milk.

“You are the world” simply means: whatever it is, we cannot save ourselves from responsibility.

Our monks, our saints have tried only this. What they were trying to do, if you go deep into their psychology, was to say that, “We are no longer responsible for all this nonsense that is going on in the world.” But they depended on the same world. For their food they were dependent on the same people; for their clothes they were dependent on the same people. They were not in any way separate from the world; they had only stopped being active in the world. They were silent partners in the whole insanity that is going on.

And they should be condemned more, because they were more intelligent people, wiser people. Still they could not see the point that just standing aside is not enough; you have to do something against the normal human mind.

Escaping to the Himalayas is not going to help, because even in the Himalayas your mind will remain the same, just you will not have the opportunity to know it. And it is better to know the enemy than not to know it, because by knowing there is a possibility to change.

Not knowing is very dangerous.

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