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Chapter 1: Raw, Alive, Rebellious

Religion is a sort of intoxication. This has to be understood because without a deep intoxication, your life will never have any meaning. It will remain superficial prose and will never become a poem. You will walk but you will never be able to dance, and unless you dance you have missed. Unless you dance with such abundance, with such forgetfulness that you disappear in it, that the dancer is lost and only the dance remains.only then. And only then will you be able to know what life is.

I remember.

Once Alexander the Great asked Diogenes, “You are so learned, you know so much. Can’t you tell me something about God, what God is?”

Diogenes waited for a moment and then said, “Give me one day’s time.”

Alexander came the next day but again Diogenes said, “Give me two days’ time.” And it happened again, and he said, “Give me three days’ time,” and then four days and then five days, and then six days and the whole week was gone.

Alexander was annoyed and said, “What do you mean? If you don’t know the answer you should have told me before. If you know, then what is the explanation for the delay?”

Diogenes said, “That moment you asked me, I thought that I knew. But the more I tried to catch hold of it, the more it became elusive. The more I thought about it, the farther away it was. Right now, I don’t know anything, and the only thing I can say to you,” said Diogenes, “is that those who think they know God, they know not.”

God can be known only when you are not. This is the meaning when I say, “Until you become a drunkard” - so that your ego is lost. I am a drunkard, drunk with Jesus. And when I will be talking to you about Jesus, it is not about Jesus. I am not a theologian, not a Christian, not a scholar. Theologians talk “about.” They go round and round, they beat around the bush. I am not going to talk about Jesus, I am going to talk Jesus. And when I talk about Jesus, it is not that I am talking about him, rather, he talks himself. I give him way, I become a passage. All that I do is that I don’t hinder him. That is the only way to talk about Jesus or Buddha or Krishna. And when I will be talking Jesus I will not talk about Christ. Jesus is real, Christ is a principle. Jesus is concrete, Christ is abstract. Jesus is a man like you and me, of blood and bone. His heart beats. He laughs, he cries, he loves, he lives.

Christ is a dead concept, bloodless; there is no heart beating there. Christianity is concerned with Christ, I am not concerned with Christ. The word Christ is beautiful, but corrupted, contaminated, polluted. The whole beauty of it has been destroyed. Whenever a word is used by theologians it loses meaning and purity and innocence - then it is no more virgin. Jesus is still virgin, Christ is corrupted. Christ is a concept, Jesus is reality, concrete reality.

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