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Chapter 1: Polishing the Mirror of the Heart

Lai-Khur insisted, “The sultan is blind. If he is not blind then he should go back to his home, forget all about this conquest. Don’t make houses of playing cards; don’t make castles in sand. Don’t go after dreams; don’t be mad. Go back! Look within!”

The man who has eyes looks within; the blind man looks without. The man who has eyes searches the treasure within. The man who is blind rushes all over the world, begging, robbing people, murdering, in the hope that he will find something that he is missing. It is never found that way because it is not outside that you have lost it. You have lost it in your own being; light has to be brought there.

Lai-Khur insisted that the sultan is blind. “If he is not, then give me the proof. Order the army to go back. Forget all about this conquest, and never again go for any other conquest. This is all nonsense.” The sultan was impressed, but wasn’t capable of going back.

It must have been the same situation as had happened before, when Alexander the Great was coming to conquer India. Another mystic, Diogenes, laughed and he said, “Why? For what are you going on such a long journey? And what are you going to gain by conquering India or by conquering the whole world?”

And Alexander said, “I want to conquer the whole world so that finally I can rest and relax and enjoy.”

Diogenes laughed and said, “You must be a fool, because I am resting now.” And he was resting, relaxing on the bank of a small river. It was early morning and he was taking a sunbath, naked on the sand. He said, “I am resting and relaxing now, and I have not conquered the world. I have not even thought of conquering the world. So if you are conquering the world and trying to become victorious just to rest and relax, it looks absolutely meaningless because I am resting without conquering anything. And the bank of this river is big enough, it can contain us both. Rest here. Throw away your clothes and take a good sunbath and forget all about conquering.

“And look at me, I am a conqueror without conquering the world and you are a beggar.”

The same must have been the situation with the Sultan Bahramshah and Lai-Khur, again the same type of man. In this world there have been only two types of people: those who know and those who don’t know. It is the same drama played again and again, the same story enacted again and again. Sometimes it is Alexander the Great who is playing the blind person and it is Diogenes who tries to wake him up. Some other time it is Lai-Khur who is trying to wake Sultan Bahramshah.

Alexander said, “I am sorry. I can understand your point, but I cannot go back. I have to conquer the world; without conquering it I cannot rest. Excuse me. And you are right, I concede.”

And the same happened with Bahramshah. He was sad, ashamed, shy. But he said, “Excuse me, I have to go, I cannot go back. India has to be conquered. I will not be able to rest or sit silently until I have conquered India.”

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