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Chapter 26: Physician of the Inner World

There are many mythological stories of the same type in all the languages, and they are not simply stories. They are descriptions of our unconscious mind. Unless you are fully conscious, your prayer is going to be a punishment if it is fulfilled. Because from where will it come? And the moment you are fully conscious you will not ask anything because the greatest treasure has already been given to you.

A Gautam Buddha has nothing to ask for. He does not pray. He has no prayer, he has no god, he is utterly fulfilled and contented. He has no desire, he has nothing to ask, he is no more a beggar. The man of consciousness becomes an emperor.

But millions of people who are praying in the temples, in the churches, in the mosques, in the synagogues should give a little more thought to what they are asking for. And if it is fulfilled what will be the consequences? They are bound to take their prayers back, because all their desires are arising out of their deep unconsciousness. They don’t know what will be the consequence, what will be the ultimate result.

Oscar Wilde is a great genius, a poet, a creative artist. And these are the people - not your so-called dead saints - who have given humanity new insights into their own beings, into the possibilities of what they can ask and whether it is right to ask, or wait for the moment when you have come to a point of desirelessness.

All your desires are going to be wrong, however logical they may appear. Their ultimate result will prove fatal. You can watch it in yourself.

I am reminded of a story: Alexander the great was coming towards India. This was his last country to invade and then he would be a world conqueror. In the desert of Arabia he met a mystic, and the mystic had such a majesty, such a charismatic energy field that he could not resist. He stopped his horse and got down. He had been carrying a question since the day he had left Athens towards the East; because he had heard that in the East there are people who have attained immortality.just rumors reaching Greece.

This man seemed to be ancient and yet very young, very fresh. Alexander exposed himself for the first time in the long journey from Greece to the boundary of India. He said to the man, “I would like to know the secret of becoming an immortal.”

The mystic laughed and he said, “What a coincidence. You have asked the right person; otherwise, in this big world there are so many people. You could have asked anybody and nobody could have shown you the way. I know, and I will show you the way.

“Just close by, not more than two miles away from here, there is an oasis absolutely unknown to people. No path goes towards it, it is a secret place known only to the immortals. If you can drink the water of that oasis - there is a small stream coming out of a cave - you will become immortal.”

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