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Chapter 20: The Commune: A Model for Society

Well then why aren’t his teachings valid today then? Why aren’t the teachings of the Buddha valid?

No teaching is valid. Every teaching is bound to be far away from the true experience. The very nature of it has to be understood.

You experience love. Now there is no way to say what that experience is. You may be very articulate, you may be a great poet, but still you cannot express the experience of love itself. Whatever you will say will be about love, it will not be love itself.

But then why did the Buddha and Christ and all those other teachers go out into the world and teach, then?

That was their device. I have been teaching for thirty years. That is my device, but it can be useful only while I am here. It is my device, I can go on improving upon it, changing it according to the disciple. So you will find thousand and one contradictions because it is not describing the truth, it is more or less creating a situation for different categories of people.

So what you’re saying is that it’s valid to have a teacher while the teacher is alive, but that that teacher’s teachings cannot be put into some kind of structure and carried on to another generation.

There is no way. Up to now, every effort has failed.

Why do you think that’s so?

The very nature of experience is such that it cannot be put into words. The experience happens in a state of wordless consciousness. To translate it into the world of words is a very long distance.

Well, what if you had a major disciple that had a major enlightenment experience? Wouldn’t they be in a position to go and teach other people? And what if they had another student the same way?

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