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Chapter 8: Another Sunday

That quality, that consciousness is disappearing from the world.

People have more leisure - that is another thing. But what do they do with their leisure? They create more misery for themselves or for others. Finding nothing to do, they do harm to themselves or to others. More accidents happen on the holidays - more car accidents, more murders, more suicides. And after the holiday people are so tired that they need a whole week’s rest to recuperate, to recover. They do a thousand and one things on holidays just to keep busy, because not to be busy is to be with oneself and that has become almost impossible. To be with oneself and to be happy with oneself - that dimension is completely lost.

That’s what a holiday is, or should be. One is so full of godliness, so full of being, that there is no need to do anything, there is no need to be occupied. Occupation is just an escape. It is a good way to avoid encountering yourself, encountering life. Holidays are disappearing.

It is good that every day a feeling arises in you that this is a holiday. It is. If it was not so before, then you were missing something. Now it has started happening, don’t make it a question.

I used to know a man who was an atheist. Once I heard that he had become a theist. I could not believe it. So when I came across him I asked him, “How come you decided to become a theist?”

“Well,” he said, “I used to be an atheist but I gave it up.”

“Why?” I inquired.

He said, “No holidays.”

If you are an atheist then there are no holidays, then there is no God, then there are no Sundays. The Christian parable says that God created the world in six days and on the seventh day, Sunday, he rested. That rest was very beautiful, it was out of great creation. He was feeling fulfilled. He had created the whole world and, on the sixth day, he looked and he said, “Good, very good.” And he rested. He was happy, like a small child who has made something and looks from every side and says, “Good. I have done it.” He rested on the seventh day. That rest day was a fulfillment-day.

The parable has much significance. It says that you can have a rest day only after creation. If you don’t create anything, your life will be restless; you will not be able to have a holiday. Create something - only then you can rest. Rest is a byproduct. You cannot directly rest - first you have to be so creative, you have to feel so good about yourself, so happy with yourself, so worthy, that you can allow rest for yourself, that you can allow a day just for fun.

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