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Chapter 28: Living without any Tomorrow

I don’t suppose there is something specific on the agenda that you’d like to discuss?

No, nothing on an agenda.

Has the furor throughout Oregon and the U.S. contributed at all to cynicism? You seem to have some very sharp-edged humor and I’m wondering if that helped develop some of that.

The U.S. has nothing to give to me. In fact, in that way I am disappointed. I was thinking that America must be more intelligent than any other country, less prejudiced than any other country, really democratic - but being here for four years, what I have found is that democracy is just in the name. Behind the democracy, everything un-democratic is going on. Our own experience is a proof of it. I have not found that America is really a country where individuals are respected, freedom of speech is respected. It is only talked about.

And I don’t see any sense of humor - not at all. They have been taking us so seriously, and we are taking them so nonseriously. But they cannot understand. We are joking all the time, but they cannot understand simple jokes. They have secret meetings, the governor, the attorney general, and they did not allow. They were discussing us and they did not allow a single one of our representatives to be there. If you are discussing us, it is simple courtesy that at least one person from our side should be there, and you should listen to what we have to say. They did not allow it. They did not allow any journalist either.

The governor said, “After our secret meeting I will talk to you and inform you.” And whatever he informed us was simply lies and nothing else. We have found the confidential file which says just the opposite of what he had said to the people, to the journalists, to the media. He was saying, “Everything is under control and we are pacifying people. There is no problem to be worried about; the heat is cooling down.” And in the secret report that they prepared in the meeting, they are alerting the army to stay ready! Any moment, if they are ordered, they have to be able to reach Rajneeshpuram in three hours.

Now, what kind of people are these? And what is the need to bring the army here? We are not a nation, that you have to attack us. And they are lying to the media, that things are getting settled and there is no problem. If there is no problem, then why is the army given the alert? And why have you given them a time, that within three hours you have to be able to reach Rajneeshpuram?

So I don’t think these people have any sense of humor. They are just dodos.

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