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Chapter 19: Silence Brings Revelations, Not Words

If somebody wants to be a communist, if some country chooses to be communist, it does not matter whether you agree with it or not. Your agreement is simply not the question. I may agree, I may not agree but on this point, I am absolutely certain: they should be given the opportunity to be, whatsoever they want to be. I can show my disagreement, I can place all the evidence against them, all the arguments against them - but terrorism is not an argument, it is a defeat.

And when a great country, the greatest power in the world, starts using such third-rate strategies, then it seems there is no hope for humanity.

The day the German parliament passed an order that I could not enter Germany, they allowed on the same day.. And the reason given to the parliament was “ because this man is dangerous.” A man who has not even a paper knife is dangerous.. And in the same week, they allowed terrorists from around the whole world to have a world conference in Munich. It seems that just out of fear, they could not say no to the terrorists. And they are not dangerous!

One night I was denied a six-hour stay at the airport’s first-class lounge in England - which is made for that. There is no opening from the lounge into the city; it is completely closed, you cannot get out of it. It is for passengers who have to change planes, for their rest. They did not allow me, and for the same reason. The officer had a file from the parliament saying that “this man is dangerous and he should not be allowed in England.”

I said, “You are not allowing me in England, but six hours’ rest outside England - this is an international airport.”

He said, “I cannot argue with you. Perhaps you are logically right, but the problem is that the orders come from above - I have to follow them.”

And the same English government, the next week allowed Ronald Reagan a base to bomb Libya - the base was in England. America bombing an innocent country, a poor country, and completely out of a misunderstanding. Is this not dangerous - is this something very cultured, civilized, something without which we cannot evolve?

People go on thinking in words, and then they become heartless because the words have no connection with the heart. Then they can do strange things.

In the last week, America has also admitted one great crime - and I simply cannot believe that the whole world simply remains silent. They were not admitting it for two years. And we never say to our politicians and leaders and priests that “You are continuously lying - how long we can trust you? You are demanding something inhuman and impossible. Your behavior does not allow anybody to trust you.”

For two years they were saying that nothing like this has happened. How can it happen in a democracy? The problem was, there were rumors that the American Senate had given permission that on two hundred patients first, and then on five hundred more patients, a certain experiment could be done. It is part of the preparation for the coming atomic war. Seven hundred persons, without their permission - and this is democracy! - had their brains operated on! And all seven hundred patients died.

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