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Chapter 40: Your Music Is Your Madness

Alone, why do you feel afraid? To be alone is one of the most beautiful experiences. You are no more bothered by others; you are no more forcing yourself to do something which is expected.

Alone, you can do what you want to do. You can feel what you want to feel. All that you need is to become detached from your mind.

Your mind is not your mind. Your mind is only an agent of the crowd you belong to. It is not in your service; it is in the service of the crowd. The crowd has put a detective in your mind who goes on forcing you, even if you are alone, to perform according to the rules.

The whole secret is to witness the mind; allow your nature and say clearly to the mind, “You are not mine. I came into the world without you. You have been given to me later on by education, by example. You are something alien; you are not part of my nature. So at least when I am alone, leave me alone.”

You have to learn to say, “Shut up!” to the mind, and allow your nature full freedom.

You will be immensely surprised what beauties you have, what innocence, what perceptiveness. And once you have learned that the mind can be put aside, and you can be really alone - because with the mind you are not really alone; all those voices of your parents and teachers and priests and the politicians are recorded in the mind; the mind simply goes on repeating them.

It is a very great strategy played by society against the individual.

One psychologist, Delgado, has been working his whole life on a project - and he has succeeded in the project - which will give you some insight into yourself.

In your brain there are seven hundred centers. All that you do is done through one of the seven hundred centers He has figured out - working for his whole life - which center controls what kind of activity in you; with anger, hate, murder for example - which center is active when somebody gets angry. And he has made very small electrodes. Of course, he is not allowed yet to experiment on human beings, but he has a great gift. The whole humanity can be changed by it, and he has worked on animals.

For example, in Spain he showed this. He put the electrode in the brain of a bull, and was standing his ground as the bull was rushing towards him to kill him. Just one foot away from him, the bull suddenly stopped, frozen. What has happened? The people could not believe it. They have never seen such a scene.

They were not aware that it was an experiment. He had a remote controller. He could stop any activity of the bull just by pressing a button in his hand. He allowed the bull to run so close - up to one foot; it could have killed him. But as the button was pressed, the activity completely stopped.

Delgado’s experiment is of immense importance. If it gets into the hands of the politicians, it is going to be very dangerous to humanity, because as the child is born.

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