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Chapter 7: Have Mercy and Not Sacrifice

When a Jesus comes, you are already too much in the know. You have read the books, you have listened to the scholars, you have listened to the priests, you are too full of ideas, and when Jesus or a man like Jesus comes, you simply cannot recognize him. The live animal is there and you have become too addicted to the dead bones. To recognize Jesus means you will have to put aside all that you know already.

Jesus was not murdered by bad men, he was not murdered by criminals; he was murdered by very respectable rabbis. In fact, religious people killed him. Religion is never in danger from irreligious people because they don’t bother about it. Religion is always in danger from the so-called religious, because their whole life is at stake. If Jesus is right, then all the rabbis are wrong. If Jesus is right, then the whole tradition is wrong. If Jesus is right, then the whole Church is wrong.

Everybody stands against Jesus. Jesus is always alone, very alone. You cannot understand his aloneness. Whatsoever you know about aloneness is a physical aloneness. Sometimes no one is in the house, the house is dark and you are alone. The electricity has also gone so you cannot put on the light, you cannot put on the radio or the TV. You are suddenly thrown into aloneness. But this is a physical sense of aloneness; you don’t know what Jesus feels.

He is spiritually alone, amidst strangers, where it is so difficult to find a friend who will recognize you. He goes on looking into each and everybody he meets on the path, penetrating, gazing deep in the eyes. Nobody recognizes him, nobody understands him. Rather, people misunderstand him. They are ready to jump into misunderstanding, but nobody is ready in any way to understand him.

Whenever there is a religious being, the so-called religious are all against him. They would like to kill him immediately so the danger is avoided and their security again becomes certain.

Remember, he was killed by very good people! You go.it is still the same. Go around Pune and ask the so-called good people: you will always find them against me. They have to be - their whole way of life is in danger! They are afraid to even listen to me, because who knows? - a truth may strike home. They won’t come near me, they won’t read my books; they cannot take that much risk. They always have opinions of their own.

One day it happened, I witnessed a beautiful scene.

A man was talking to Mulla Nasruddin. The man said, “Why are you so miserly and so stingy towards your wife?”

Mulla said, “You must have heard something wrong about me because, as far as I know, I am generally a very generous man.”

The man became angry, because whenever you challenge anybody’s opinion he becomes angry. He became angry and he said, “Stop defending yourself. Everybody in the whole town knows that you are too hard on your wife. Even for day-to-day expenses she has to beg you like a beggar. And stop defending yourself. Everybody knows it!”

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