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Chapter 28: Tao Is Already Happening

That’s why I have given you the name Tao. The message is that you are not to create a character around you, that you are not to manufacture a certain personality in you, that you are not to think of future, of nirvana, of enlightenment, of God. God is not in the future, neither is God in the past. God is herenow, always herenow. God is this very condition.

People always think of God as the source, the original cause. They miss the point. God is not the original cause somewhere back, far, far away. God is not the original cause. Or, there are people who think of God as the ultimate goal, again far, far away in the future. Either in the past or in the future - and that’s how you go on missing. And God knows only one tense, and that is present. The now is another name for God. He is this very condition! This moment, within and without, God is.

And God is not something sacred, holy, far away again in heaven. God is all the conditions - and when I say all, I mean all: the sacred, the profane; the body, the soul; the matter, the consciousness. The lowest of the low is God and the holiest of the holy is God, and there is not any difference between the two. Judas is as much God as Jesus, because there cannot be anything else. These are just roles, just acts played on the stage, in a drama.

To understand it is to relax. Then there is nowhere to go, then there is nothing to do. Then what is left is celebration, then what is left is to live joyously, rejoice moment-to-moment, and don’t divide things. Don’t say “I am going to the temple”; don’t say that this is something sacred, holy. Drinking tea is as sacred as doing yoga. Sleeping silently, relaxed, is as sacred as prayer. Looking at a tree, talking to a friend, walking early in the morning, working in the factory or in the office, is as holy as anything else. This is the understanding that is needed for Tao to happen.

Tao is already happening - just your misunderstanding.. Tao is already showering - in the sunrays, on the green trees. But you just think, “This is just the sun and these are just the trees - where is God? These are just people - where is God?” You want God to be something specific, and that’s why you miss. God is not something special, not something specific. God is all these conditions. God is this totality. This moment - my talking to you, your listening to me, this communion, this silence, this bridging - yes, this is God, this is Tao. So forget all about achieving. Don’t become an achiever.

My sannyasins have to drop all kinds of ambitions - material, worldly and spiritual - all. To be ambitious is to be stupid. That’s why I say politicians are stupid, because they are the most ambitious people in the world. The more ambitious you are the more stupid you will be.

Ambition makes you stupid. Why? - because intelligence is of the herenow and ambition is of the future, intelligence blooms this moment, and ambition always thinks of faraway lands. Ambition is of the tomorrow, and because of ambition you go on missing the intelligence that is just now showering, welling up within you.

I have heard..

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