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Chapter 26: A Totally New Kind of Man

First, the sannyasin’s only requirement is to be a meditator. And meditation means going into yourself, to the deepest core of your being, where absolute silence, serenity, peace, bliss are experienced. And once a person experiences those values, then all ambitions about becoming a president of a country, or the prime minister, or becoming famous, a celebrity - all ambitions disappear. And if we can create millions of people who have no ambitions, that is the only way to prevent war. War is the culmination of ambition.

And the peaceful man, the silent man, who has touched his own source of being, is no longer Christian, no longer Hindu, no longer Mohammedan, no longer Buddhist, no longer American, no longer Russian, no longer German, no longer Italian. He is simply a human being, and the whole earth is his home. If we can destroy those ugly lines on the map which divide humanity and if we can destroy all those ugly religions which have divided humanity, there is no reason for war: one thing.

Second: if we can create such serenity and joy in people’s lives, all their perversions - homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, group sexuality - which have all culminated finally into AIDS, will disappear, because we are creating a man who is so contented that he needs no one to fulfill him. Alone, he is enough.

I suspect that many of those whose religions you feel the way you do about, would probably agree with those tenets and those goals - or at least would voice an agreement with it.

They would not. There is no question of suspicion; I am certain they will not listen. They will fight back. They will be hostile toward me - they are. But that makes no difference. I am not a serious man. If the world is going to go, we will do whatever we can do, but our work is playfulness. We are not saviors and we are not here to save anybody - that is just “by the way.” Otherwise, we are celebrants, not saviors. We enjoy, we are enjoying - and who cares for tomorrow? Today is so tremendously beautiful.

Be patient with me please. I see nothing but contradiction here and I’m sure that somewhere it ties together. We began - or at least I thought I heard you begin - by saying that the world is on the verge of self-destruction, essentially.


And that there is an answer, a way, and that sannyasins around the world can bring that about. But now you tell me, however, “Forget it!” But I think there’s purpose here. There’s nothing in this place that speaks of accident. Everything speaks of purpose and intention.

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