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Chapter 1: Man Is a Seed

This is not just a story, this is not something that happened in the past: this is what is happening with each of you. Existence calls you - either you don’t hear, or, even if sometimes you hear, you don’t respond. You are hiding! You are hiding from the truth of your own being; you are hiding from yourself. You don’t want to see your original face: godliness is your original face, and unless you see your original face, you will live in misery.

Misery is nothing but remaining ignorant of one’s own being. To be alert, to be conscious, of all that has been given to you, to be conscious of all that has been bestowed upon you, to be conscious of the treasures that are hidden in your being, is to be blissful.

Man is very strange, the strangest animal on the earth. No other animal lives in such anguish - even trees are far more blissful, even rocks have more of the heart than man. They are in tune with existence, or in tune with totality. Man has lost the connection. Man has broken the bridge.

Why has it happened? It has to be understood. And it has happened to almost all. Only once in a while does there happen a person who reconnects himself with godliness - a Jesus, a Buddha, a Kabir - but only once in a while. And these people are so few that they cannot be believed.

People go on talking about Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Mohammed, but deep down they doubt their very existence. They have to doubt: nothing like that has happened to you, you have not tasted any of the nectar that they talk about. Your life is just bitter, your life is nauseous, your life is sick - and they talk of wholeness and of health, and of great bliss and of eternal peace, and you know nothing of these things.

Your only experience is that of a very poisoned life, a very poisoned spirit. Your experience is so much opposed to what these few people say - how can you believe in them? And you are the majority. Millions and millions will support your experience that life is hell.

And Krishna sings songs celestial on his flute, songs of the beyond. And Kabir sings songs unbelievable! You may listen out of courtesy; you may not say anything out of formality; or maybe just the presence of a Jesus, of a Kabir, of a Bayazid, is so enchanting, so charming, it has such a charisma that it overpowers you, that you become dumb, that you cannot say no. But your not saying no does not mean that you are saying yes. They are two totally different things.

Not to say no is one thing, and to say yes is a totally different phenomenon. Not to say no is not going to change you. The no will remain in you - silent, unspoken. The no will surround your being like a transparent capsule. You may not be able to see it, you may be able to see through it, but it will not allow you to meet and merge with existence - unless you are capable of saying yes. That single word, yes, contains all the religions; all the Vedas and the Bibles and the Korans are contained in the single word yes.

That is the meaning of the word Christians, Jews and Mohammedans have been using to complete their prayers - amen. Amen means, “yes, God, yes - I say a total yes to you.”

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