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Chapter 4: The Art of Not Planning Life

I have many sannyasins in East Berlin - and very brave people. They wanted to make a commune in East Berlin; I had to stop them. I had to tell them, “Remain underground.” The same is true about the Soviet Union. I have thousands of sannyasins who are underground.

The KGB has been able to find out about two hundred sannyasins and they are persecuting them, harassing them. They have taken their books, they have taken their tapes, they have taken their videos. But there is nothing that they can say is against.I stand for a higher communism than the Soviet Union stands for. According to me the Soviet Union is not communist yet.

The rich and the poor, the old classes, are no longer there, but now a bigger distance between people has arisen: the bureaucrats, the people who have power, and the people who don’t have any power. The rich were never so powerful, and the poor were always able - if they had talent and intelligence - to move into higher strata of society. But in Russia there is no movement possible, it is a static society, a dead society.

I love the idea of communism, but a communism can only be true, authentic, when it is based on anarchism. If it is based on the dictatorship of the proletariat, it is not going to be authentic communism. It will be simply poverty distributed equally.

I would like no poverty at all; all the people should be rich in every possible way. My communism means equal opportunity for everybody to be unique and unequal - because psychologically nobody is equal, and if you want them to be equal you have to force them to be equal. And any equality which is dependent on force is not worth the name. You have to take all freedom, you have to take all individuality. You have to sacrifice the real individual at the feet of an unreal society.

The society does not exist - it is only a name. If you search for society you will not find it anywhere. Wherever you will go, you will come across individuals. My communism is individualistic, and my communism is anarchistic.

I would love to go to East Berlin. Right now they allow me at least to pass on the road. I will use that opportunity - my people can meet me on the road.

And the number of sannyasins will be growing faster in Russia for a psychological reason: for seventy years Russian people have been denied every spiritual urge. It is going to explode any day.

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