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Chapter 7: Tuning the Heart

If a person is growing rightly, anger will play an important part in his life. Anger has its own color. If it is removed, then the picture of man’s life will be in some sense incomplete, some color will be missing. But from childhood you start teaching children to repress certain qualities, and the result of repressing these qualities is that the child will slowly suppress whatever you call bad, he will suppress it in himself. And a suppressed heart becomes weak because its strings are not rightly tuned. And this suppression will happen in the mind because your education does not go deeper than the mind.

When you tell children that anger is bad, this teaching will not reach to the heart. The heart has no ears to listen with and no words to think with. This teaching will go into the mind, and the mind cannot change the heart. So now a problem is created: the mind center thinks that anger is wrong, but the heart center does not; it has no connection with the mind. So every day you become angry, and every day you repent and decide not to be angry again, but the next morning you wake up and again you get angry. You are surprised because you have decided so many times not to get angry, yet it still happens.

You don’t know that the center which feels angry is different from the mind center. The center which decides, “I will not be angry,” is absolutely different from the center which becomes angry. They are two totally different centers. So decisions and repentance do not have any effect on your anger: you go on being angry and you go on regretting it and you go on feeling upset about it. You do not understand that these two centers are so separate that the decision taken by the one does not reach the other at all.so man disintegrates within.

The heart center works in certain ways, and needs certain things to develop. If the mind interferes in that center, it will become disturbed and chaotic. Everybody’s heart center has become absolutely chaotic, absolutely disturbed. Certainly, the first thing is that anger should be transformed - but it should not be destroyed.

So the first key to tighten the strings of the heart is to develop all the qualities of the heart; none should be destroyed. You may be a little puzzled: does one need to develop anger? I say to you that one certainly has to develop anger, because anger can one day be transformed and become compassion. Otherwise compassion can never arise. If you read the life story of the most compassionate people in the world, you will find that in their early days they were very angry people. Anger has its own dignity and its own pride. If you read the life story of the greatest celibates who have existed in the world, you will find that in their early days they were very sexual people.

Gandhi became a great celibate only as a result of being very sexual when he was young. When Gandhi’s father was dying, the physicians told him that his father would not be able to survive the night, but even that night Gandhi could not keep away from his wife. It was the last night of his father’s life, it would have been very natural to sit with his father. It was the last fare-well, he would not see his father again - but in the middle of the night Gandhi went to his wife. His father died while Gandhi was in bed with his wife. It created a very strong shock in his mind: Gandhi’s celibacy developed because of this shock. The shock turned all the energy of this highly sexual mind into a desire for celibacy.

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