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Chapter 22: The Sword and the Lotus

I said, “But he has not taken any money from you. You can go to another barbershop and you can save half the money.”

He said, “You are his partner or what?”

I said, “We are just friends. And unless you go, he will not come. So the faster you go, the better.”

He had to go to another barbershop where people laughed at him. And they said, “In the first place why did you go to that madman?”

So my father tried to persuade the opium addict, “Never do this thing to my child” - but he would talk about something else.

And the embarrassing part for him was somebody thinking me his daughter, not his son.

And this continues your whole life.. A man is a man and many things are forbidden to him. A woman should remain graceful, should remain within limits, should follow certain ideas that make her feminine.

Society has not listened to the great Tantra philosophers, nor are they listening to Carl Gustav Jung, the founder of analytical psychology. But I want it to be emphatically understood that unless we accept all the qualities in man and all the qualities in woman, we will not be able to make humanity liberated.

Half a being is always in bondage.

For example, no man is allowed to cry and weep; he has to be strong. Even if somebody dies and his heart is full of tears, he has to keep himself strong. He has not to show his weakness - as if tears are weakness.

Women are allowed to weep, to say things in their sadness, in their anguish, and have tears rolling down from their eyes. But perhaps you don’t understand that because women can cry and scream and shout, and it is acceptable, they don’t go so easily mad as the man does. They don’t commit murders, they don’t commit suicide. The proportion of suicides for men is double that of women. What makes it that way?

The reason is man goes on accumulating his anguish. Society has taught him to repress feelings, emotions, sentiments - he has to be just a thinker. He will not show emotions even to his friends, to his wife, to his children, to his parents. No, everywhere he has to remain aloof, detached - he is a man.

The woman cries very easily - any small hurt and tears come to her eyes. But you don’t know the healing force of the tears. Every man has to learn that tears should be allowed, because if nature meant that man should not weep, then nature would not have given man’s eyes glands for tears. Men and women have the same size glands for tears - nature cannot be unwise.

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