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Chapter 11: Let Your Aloneness Become a Dance

It has nothing to do with awareness or love, although the creative person is both. The creative person is aware, the creative person is loving, but the creative person is neither a meditator nor a lover - loving yes, but there is no lover; meditativeness yes, but there is no meditator.

And when there is nobody inside you, that very nobodiness brings creativity. It springs, it wells up, you become full of it. Whatsoever you touch becomes gold. It is not your touch, remember; the miracle is always the divine’s. It has nothing to do with the path of love or with the path of awareness. The path of love and the path of awareness bring you to godliness because they help you to disappear.

When the divine is there, then creativity is simply a consequence of its presence, just its presence. You can attain to its presence through love or awareness, it doesn’t matter. How you annihilate yourself is irrelevant; the only thing is that you should be annihilated, that you should not be. Do it through love, that will do. How you commit suicide does not matter, with what kind of poison. Whether you jump from a cliff, or you lie down in front of a railway train, or you shoot yourself, or you hang yourself, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you should have committed the suicide of the ego: through love, through awareness; through Yoga, through Tantra, Taoism, Zen, Sufism, Hasidism. It doesn’t matter; these are different ways of committing suicide. I don’t mean the physical, I mean the metaphysical. Once you are not there, all that is left is godliness.

You ask me, “Does it correspond more to the path of awareness or to the path of love? Or is it a child of both?” It has nothing to do with the path. Creativity is possible only when the goal is achieved; it is a by-product of the goal. And don’t start thinking in terms of a cross-breeding; cross-breeding is dangerous. You are thinking, “Or is it a child of both?”

Just the other day I was reading.

A farmer was very fond of cross-breeding. First he crossed a chicken with a goose and got a “choose.” Then he crossed a pheasant with an eagle and got “pheagle.” Then he crossed a road with a bicycle and got killed.

Beware of cross-breeding.

If you feel at home with love, it will do; or if you feel at home with awareness it will do. Just remember one thing: that somehow, manage to disappear.

There are people who need not even go on any path, love or meditation. Just the sheer intelligence is enough, just seeing the point is enough. Just seeing, “How can I be? I cannot exist alone, separate. I cannot exist as an island. I am continuously connected with the whole. I am breathing from every pore of my body; even if for a few seconds the breathing stops, I will be no more.”

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