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Chapter 2: Dropping the Why

You are here - who are you? And that question you cannot ask me. A real question has to be faced by yourself. How can I answer your question - who you are? If you cannot answer, then how can I answer your question, who you are? Whatsoever I say will be from the outside - and you are there deep, very deep within yourself. You have to move deep, you have to fall into your own abyss, into that inner space where only you are and nobody else; not even a thought passes by.

Only in that space will you have the answer - not a verbal answer, not that somebody will say from within you that you are a soul, or you are God. Nobody will say anything because there is nobody - pure silence. But that silence is the answer. In that silence, you feel, you know. There is no need to give you any information. No words are needed. You have touched your rock bottom, your innermost core.

It happened - a small boy was initiating his younger brother about the school:

Said the first grader to his four-year-old brother: “The smart thing for you to do is not to learn to spell your first word. The minute you learn to spell “cat” you are trapped. From then on the words get longer and longer and longer.”

If you are here, you have spelt the word cat. And the question is asked by one of my sannyasins, Yoga Pratima. You have spelt the word cat already. Now the words will become longer and longer and longer - you are trapped! So rather than asking why you are here, use this opportunity. Allow me and allow yourself.towards a transformation of your being. Allow me to enter you! Don’t ask stupid questions. Open your doors.

Rather than answering you, I can help you towards an inner transformation where all questions disappear - and the answer appears. But that is experiential. You will know it, but you will not be able to tell others. You will know it, your whole being will show it; your eyes will say something about it, there will be a glow around you. People who have eyes to see, they will be able to see that you have known it. But you will not be able to say who you are. No word can express that - it is so tremendously vast. You can have it, but you cannot express it.

So what do you want? Should I give you a verbal answer why you are here? Can’t you imagine, whatsoever I say will be irrelevant? I can say: Because in your past lives you have earned many good karmas, you have been very virtuous - that’s why you are here. Is that going to help? That will make you even more egoistic. That will create a barrier between me and you. Rather than being open, you will become more closed.

What do you want? Do you want that I have called you as a chosen few? You have not come, but you have been called? You would like such answers, but they are meaningless and harmful - because once you start feeling that you are the chosen few you will miss me, because all these are the tricks of the ego. It goes on playing so many games.

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