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Chapter 10: Déjà Vu: A Small Fragment from the Past

And the day it happened, the clouds dispersed and he knew the ultimate glory of his being. He became famous all over the world. People from all over the world started coming, just to sit by his feet. He was not an orator; he had no knowledge as such. All that he could teach was simply one thing that had helped him, and that was, “Sit silently with me and just ask the question - ‘Who am I?’ Go on asking. It automatically comes to a point where words disappear but the question remains - just a feeling, a mood, an overwhelming sense of inquiry. And when it becomes so intense that you can only say that now it is a thirst of every fiber of your being, then, unpredictably, the explosion happens.”

The question disappears, but the answer is not found. The question disappears - you become the answer. First you became the question; now you become the answer. But no verbal answer is found. You don’t come to a logical conclusion that “I am A, or I am B, or I am C.” You know who you are, but your knowledge is far, far away from being reduced to language. You will sing out of sheer gratitude; you will dance out of sheer thankfulness; you will rejoice because you are blessed - when others are groping in the dark, your sky has become completely without clouds and you have come into the open.

You are tasting your being, you are seeing your being, you are hearing the music of your being, you are full of the fragrance of your being - but nothing of it is possible to express in words.

You are saying, “Who are you? Somewhere I feel the answer will be there when I realize who am I.” No, there will not be any answer anywhere. When you realize, you will also laugh at the very question. You will be there, a tremendous ecstasy will be there, but no answer.

It is not a question-answer thing. No answer can satisfy you. You can read all the books of religion and philosophy and theology; you can read all the answers that people have been formulating, but nothing is going to satisfy you. Just as the word water is not going to quench your thirst.and if you are very scientific you can change the word water into H2O, but that is not going to help you either. You need real water. And once your thirst is quenched, you cannot express the experience of deep satisfaction. You can just say, “Now there is no longer any thirst!”

That’s what the ultimate experience of oneself comes to: you can say, “Now there is no question at all. All the questions have disappeared - only I am, a light unto itself, a luminosity, a mystery, a wonder, but without any possibility of communicating it to anybody else.” Hence, the whole emphasis in the East has been to have a deep, intimate contact with the man who has come to know himself. He cannot communicate it, but his very being is vibrating and if you come close enough in your love, in your openness, you may be infected by him. He cannot answer, but he can help you catch it.

It is not only that you get diseases by infection; you can get health also by infection, by being with a healthy person. You can also get your enlightenment as infection from being with an enlightened man. And this being with the enlightened man is the whole art of disciplehood. Remaining open and available, waiting for the right moment.neither do you know the right moment nor does the master, but the right moment comes.

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