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Chapter 4: Buddhas and Fools

The second question:

Osho, As I watch my thoughts and feelings I am left with a sense of wonder: I wonder where they come from and where they go.

It is beautiful to be filled with the sense of wonder, but remain alert because immediately you will lose it. If you start thinking from where the thoughts come and to where they go, the sense of wonder is already lost. To remain with the sense of wonder without allowing thinking to enter in, is what meditation is all about.

Jesus says again and again: Only those who are like children will be able to enter into the kingdom of my God. What does he mean? What does he mean by “like children”? He means the sense of wonder. Children remain with the sense of wonder. Remember the word remain - they don’t move from it; they move from one wonder to another, but they remain with the sense of wonder. Your mind distorts wonder immediately. For a single fragment of a moment you were in a state of wonder but the next moment the thinking has entered, you have started to think: From where do these thoughts come? Where do they go? Now there is no sense of wonder.

Questions kill the sense of wonder, because questions are already on the way toward answers. A question is an arrow, the target is the answer, and if you can receive the answer it will be the death of wonder. If you question, you have already moved, moved toward the answer, and if you get the answer the wonder is lost. That’s why the more humanity becomes trained and disciplined in scientific answers, the more the sense of wonder is lost.

In fact to find a man of wonder is now almost impossible. Even if you think that you are wondering it may be that you are thinking that you are wondering. The greater possibility is that you think about the wonder also. The sense of wonder is a totally different dimension, it has a totally different quality - the sense of wonder is to remain with a wondering eye, a wondering heart, with no questions arising.

The flower is there, the butterfly is there, the trees are there, the clouds move, the whole world is wonderful, only you have lost the sense of wonder. Just look with the eyes absolutely silent, with no questions roaming inside the mind - that means that you are not seeking any answer. If you are seeking an answer what are you doing? You are trying to kill the sense of wonder. You are not at ease with wonder; that is the meaning of the question ( you would like to know.

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