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Chapter 5: God Is Your Insecurity

The man who has no belief system but has encountered truth himself, suddenly finds himself changing into a new man. There is no effort involved. Grace comes by itself, compassion comes by itself; violence disappears, fear disappears, death and birth disappear. One starts feeling at home with the universe. There is no tension; one is absolutely relaxed.

This is our home. One stops searching and seeking, one starts living, dancing, loving. Knowing one’s own interior-most center is also knowing the center of the universe itself. Doors of all the mysteries open - not that you start getting answers; you become more mysterious.

All answers are mind products. Questions arise out of the mind, and answers are also of the same mind. Neither the questions lead you toward the truth, nor the answers. Answers only repress your questions, but they will surface again and again.

A man without God finds himself in total aloneness. He has nowhere to go except withinwards. All roads leading out are meaningless; they don’t lead you anywhere because there is nobody outside - a God, a paradise. Removing God is a great rebellion and an absolute necessity to be awakened, to be enlightened.

God is holding millions of people outside their own consciousness, and God being a fiction, your prayer is false, and your religiousness is imposed. Hence all these religions demand: “Do this, don’t do that.” Everything is imposed from the outside. And whenever something is imposed from the outside, your dignity is destroyed, your individuality is crushed, your freedom turns into slavery. And the ugliest slavery is spiritual slavery.

With God you can only be a slave. With God you can never be liberated. Liberation begins with liberating yourself from God and all the lies that surround him. Liberation brings you to your own very center, and there you find a totally different experience that is not of the mind: of pure silence, truth and beauty; of eternity; of life as a constant festival.

And because you experience this festivity inside you, it starts overflowing from you. In your actions you become graceful, your eyes start shining with love, with depth, your very movement shows a centered, balanced, harmonious being. Your words carry something of that which is beyond words. Your silence is no longer the silence of a cemetery, it is not dead. It is very alive, throbbing; it has a heartbeat, it is a silent dance of pure awareness. It is a silent song without any sounds, but it is immensely alive.

Anything imposed from the outside destroys you, your freedom, your individuality. Your inner space is completely closed, and it is closed in such a beautiful way that you never think that your parents, your teachers, your priests, your leaders, politicians - all kinds of so-called wise men - are poisonous. With all good intentions they are poisoning every child. And God is the original sin - original sin because we created a great lie, the ultimate lie.

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