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Chapter 4: What Type of Heaven Is This?

A man who has been going to the temple for fifty years suddenly becomes suspicious - what will he do? He will react with anger. He will become antagonistic to me, because I have been a disturbance in his life.

My disturbance was well meant, but that is not the point. If he comes nearer to me I will help him to see the real temple - but that is a second thing. First he has to be convinced that his temple is wrong and pseudo. That is painful.

When you live in a dream and somebody wakes you suddenly, you feel angry. And if the dream was beautiful, nice, sweet, the waking is going to be painful and a suffering. That’s why they crucified Jesus. The people who crucified Jesus were not bad people - never think like that - they were not bad people. They were good, moral - very good people; but they crucified Jesus because he disturbed their whole way of thinking. He was a great destroyer! A great destructive force! He forced them out of their sleep, and they wanted to dream, and their dreams were sweet. Jesus had to be crucified.

They poisoned Socrates. The people who poisoned Socrates were good people, they were not evil forces but moralists, judges of those days, politicians, social servants - they were all together in poisoning a simple man like Socrates, who had not done anything except talk to people.

But that talking was very dangerous, very potential, because he had many people come out of their dreams, saved many people from their consolations, shocked many people out of their dead beliefs - it was necessary, if people are to be helped you have to break their dreams and shatter their beliefs. Of course they react. One should not feel bad about it. That reaction is simple and natural. They become antagonistic, that antagonism is nothing but a defense measure. They defend themselves.

It is not the people who don’t allow me to live my way. They cannot do anything - I go on living my way; whatsoever they do, that makes no difference. They crucified Jesus but they could not disturb his way of life. They poisoned Socrates but they could not disturb his way of life.

The judges had given an ultimatum to Socrates; the court felt that this man had not done anything wrong; maybe his ideas were dangerous, rebellious, but he had not acted in any unjust way; so the court gave him a last alternative: If you promise the court that never again will you teach to people what you call truth, then you can be pardoned.

Socrates said: It is better that you kill me. Because that is my whole profession - to talk about truth, my whole habit, I cannot drop that, it is better I should die.

He was not ready to drop his style of life, his way of thinking; he was ready to drop his body - that’s not much. No, nobody can disturb my way of life, because it is not an outer thing, it is something deep inside me where nobody can enter except me. In fact just the reverse is the case: I disturb people’s lives and it is natural that they react with antagonism.

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