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Chapter 4: The Clouds Never Make Any Commotion

It is out of celibacy that homosexuality has arisen, and AIDS is the final flowering of homosexuality. It is a very religious phenomenon. The Buddhist monks, the Christian monks, the Hindu monks, they are the originators of homosexuality. And the whole credit goes to these monks for bringing AIDS to the world. Celibacy is the cause of AIDS.

His idea that I lead a procession of naked ladies proves simply that he has become really a Hindu saint, because all Hindu scriptures are full of stories that whenever a Hindu saint reaches to his highest sagehood, God becomes afraid, because he may dethrone him. So he sends beautiful women to distract the mind of the sage. And obviously up to now they have been successful in distracting, because God has not been replaced.

But it certainly proves one thing, that the Shankaracharya of Puri is a sage. He has started dreaming naked processions of apsaras. Apsaras are heavenly prostitutes. But why should I enter into his dreams? To me he is a harijan, untouchable.

It reminds me of Sigmund Freud’s great insight that people who remain celibate long start dreaming of women, or if they are women they start dreaming of men. Now his idea of a procession is perfectly right as far as Hindu sages are concerned - but I was not the leader of the procession. Perhaps Swami Agnivesh, who goes on leading processions of harijans, and now has declared that he is going to lead processions in Bihar, in Karnataka and in other provinces. But instead of Agnivesh he is really afraid of me. It is his fear because Agnivesh belongs to the same rotten tradition. They are just playing different roles to exploit the Hindus; one the higher classes, one the lower classes; but their aim is the same. But he is certainly afraid of me, if he has seen me in his dreams.

Sigmund Freud’s insight was that you dream only if you suppress something. He must be suppressing a great anger against me, otherwise he cannot dream. And for his dream I am not responsible, he can dream anything he wants.

There was a pharaoh in Egypt who declared to the kingdom that if anybody enters into his dreams, the next morning he would be beheaded. His whole court became very afraid because it is a very strange thing - nobody can enter into anybody else’s dream. It is your dream, you are projecting something and you are throwing the responsibility on somebody else.

The Shankaracharya must be seeing naked women in his dreams. But the strangest part is that I am watching the procession of naked ladies in his dreams. He knows I will expose him. It is his fear and anger and his repressed sex all together, that creates the dream. But for it. Except him, nobody else is responsible.

Thirdly he has also come with a new idea; he always comes with new ideas, he is such an original idiot! You cannot find any comparison in the whole world. He has come to the conclusion that men and women are not equal, and cannot be equal, because their sexual organs are different.

This is a new criterion, never heard before. And has he ever wondered about breasts? Perhaps he has breasts also, just dry buttons!

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