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Chapter 3: By Following Nobody Knows

“Tell me, tell me what happened next!” yelled the husband in a rage.

“Well, sir, you see, at that moment the branch I was sitting on broke. I fell to the ground and could see no more!”

You get.? You missed it! Think over it later on!

The second question:

Could you please tell me your opinion about J. Krishnamurti, who is saying that you won’t be free and therefore not happy as long as you follow any tradition, religion or master?

Gautam The Buddha has divided the enlightened persons into two categories. The first category he calls the arhatas and the second bodhisattvas. The arhata and the bodhisattva are both enlightened; there is no difference between their experience, but the arhata is not a master and the bodhisattva is a master. The arhata has attained to the same truth but he is incapable of teaching it, because teaching is a totally different art.

For example, you can see a beautiful sunset, you can experience the beauty of it as deeply, as profoundly as any Vincent van Gogh, but that does not mean you will be able to paint it. To paint it is a totally different art. Experiencing is one thing, helping others to experience it is not the same.

There have been many arhatas but very few bodhisattvas. The bodhisattva is both enlightened and skillful to teach what has happened to him. It is the greatest art in the world; no other art can be compared with it, because to say the unsayable, to help people come out of their sleep, to find and invent devices to bring what has happened to him to those who are thirsty for it and help them to get it.it is a rare gift.

Krishnamurti is an arhata, he is not a bodhisattva. His enlightenment is as great as anybody else’s enlightenment; he is a Buddha, a Jesus, a Lao Tzu. In enlightenment there are no degrees; either one is enlightened or one is not. Once a person is enlightened he has the same flavor, the same fragrance as anyone who has ever become enlightened or will ever become enlightened. But to relate the experience, to communicate the experience is not possible for all.

Once Buddha was asked, “How many people have become enlightened amongst your disciples?”

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