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Chapter 28: The Full Stop Never Comes

I have also heard that one optimist, who sees in everything, something beautiful - silver lines in the black clouds. And these are not just fictions. He was standing in a park with one of his friends who was a pessimist - a pessimist sees in the smallest silver line, a big, black cloud. They were friends.

The optimist said, “Our world is the best world out of all possible worlds.”

The pessimist said, “You are right!” It is a little delicate.you will have to think over it in the middle of the night.

Just the same word, the same statement, in a different context, on different lips, takes a different color, a different meaning. Many philosophers have written beautiful sentences, but they are dead.

When a man like Jesus or Buddha or Bodhidharma or Kabir speaks - ordinary words, but they are so full of juice. They are so full of truth that it is overflowing.

Read the philosophers - it is good exercise for sharpening your intelligence. But don’t get too much involved with them. They are drowning, or they have drowned. In their own words, they have lost their light.

Go deeper into mystics, because they are the people who have reached the sunlit peaks of consciousness. They are the people the world needs.

I want my sannyasins to become a Noah’s Ark.

When the world is drowning, a Noah’s Ark is needed.

You meditate. You experience your own life’s sources, and only when you have experienced your own life’s sources and juices, will you be able to see them all around.

This universe is such a mystery, is such a miracle - if you can contact the miracle, you will also become part of it. Your life will become a dance, your every breath will become a joy.

I am not against the philosophers. I am simply making it clear that they should be kept in their place.

Mystics have been forgotten, for the simple reason that they are not argumentative. They don’t say much. They have nothing to say. They have something to show and those who are courageous enough to put their hands in their hands.they will take them to the place from where you can see the unbelievable.

After that, there is not going to be any misery in your life, any anxiety, any anguish, any death. You have become part of the eternal flow of life. No philosopher can give you anything.

After fifteen years of trying all kinds of different spiritual techniques and two years doing groups and your meditations, I’ve now decided to take sannyas. Even so, I don’t feel that absolute inner certainty which I have been waiting for. Osho, could you please say something about the difference between being a sympathizer and a sannyasin?

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