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Chapter 40: In This Mood of Festivity All Rules Are Put Aside

I said, “You are inviting so lovingly. I will come. But I don’t know anybody there. Nobody knows me.”

He said, “I will be there, and I will make arrangements that people will recognize you.”

And it was hilarious because when I arrived I was standing at the air-conditioned compartment door waiting, and almost fifty people were running from here and there looking. And they will look at me - somehow convinced that this is the man, and somehow unconvinced. And they will go on. The whole train was emptied. Only I was standing there, and those fifty people who had come to receive me. Now there was nobody else.

So finally they asked me, “What happened? Are you not wearing your Gandhi cap today?”

I said, “Who told you that I have ever been wearing a Gandhi cap?”

They said, “Chiranjilal Badjatya, who has invited you here.”

I said, “He is an old man, and his whole life he has lived with people who were all wearing Gandhi caps” - that was the symbol of the freedom fighters - “So everything else he has described perfectly well, he just added the Gandhi cap.”

And they all will look from down upwards - everything was right, and just the cap was missing - so they will go on, “This is not the man.”

And Chiranjilal Badjatya had got caught in some traffic so he arrived late, when they had already discovered: “I don’t wear it and I am the person you are looking for. I know that you are looking for me and you have been running from here and there.”

And Chiranjilal came huffing, whuffing, an old man. And he said, “Listen, I have forgotten one thing. That Gandhi cap he does not wear. It is just I have seen so many people my whole life wearing Gandhi caps that somehow I imagined or perhaps what happened, just a slip of the tongue, and I told you.”

These people were completely unaware of me, of my ideas or anything. So they were a little suspicious, but because Chiranjilal Badjatya was a very important person they requested me and they invited me.

But they also invited the most famous Jaina monk in Bombay, Chitrabhanu.

And naturally everybody was interested in Chitrabhanu, to listen to him; he was the most prominent Jaina monk in the Bombay area.

So he spoke first. And as he ended and I stood up, people started leaving their seats. An unknown man, who knows, it may be just a sheer waste of time. I had to shout at those people and I told them, “Just wait for five minutes, and after five minutes you can leave - but not before that. So sit down! Back to your seats!” They had never thought that somebody will do that.

And I said, “This is absolutely uncivilized. You should listen at least five minutes and then you are free, then you can go. Whoever wants to go will not be prevented, but for five minutes nobody can leave.”

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