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Chapter 7: Mind Is Gone

Quickly he answered, “He is my errand boy. He works at night to make more money.”

Inside the nightclub, the bunny-girl pinched his cheek and said, “Hello, Signor Giovanni.”

Suspicious, the wife asked, “How come you know this girl?”

Perspiring, he answered, “Well, she is one of the models who works for me.”

Then they were taken by the maitre d’ to the best table, near the dance floor. As they sat down, the ballet dancers came out, stopped in front of their table and started singing, “Hip-hip-hooray for Signor Giovanni!”

The wife was furious. She dragged him out of the nightclub, shoved him into a taxi and started beating him.

The taxi driver turned around and asked, “What is happening, Signor Giovanni? The doll gives you trouble? Shall I throw her out of the taxi?”

People are living many lives, all simultaneously, hence there is so much mess. A person may be very wise in one thing and very stupid in another. A person may be very sincere in one thing and very insincere and unreliable in another. And you always become very puzzled that you have never thought this man can do this; you would have never imagined that this man can commit suicide - he was so mature. But you don’t know the whole man because you don’t know his many lives. You would not have believed that this man could commit murder - he was so loving, so nice. That was only one facade; with another facade he may be very ugly, very violent, very murderous. You may not have known him. In fact, what to say about you? He may not know himself how many people are living in him. He may not recognize his own aspects because many of them remain underground; he has repressed them underground. He is so afraid of them that he can’t bring them up. He will feel too much immature, childish, stupid, silly, mediocre, and he would not like to see all that.

George Gurdjieff used to do one thing: whenever he will initiate a new disciple, which was very rare.he was a very choosy person; out of thousands he will choose one or two persons. And his method of choosing was very strange. He will go on forcing you to drink strong wines, whiskies, brandies - and he was an expert about all kinds of intoxicants, alcoholic beverages, psychedelic drugs - and he will go on forcing you for the simple reason that unless you become totally unconscious, your all faces cannot surface. And he wants to see your all faces before he can decide whether it is worth to make any effort with you, whether it is worth to take any trouble, whether you are in any way potential, or just a lost case, a hopeless case - then why bother? He was not like a man like me who is ready to bother about anybody; he was just the opposite.

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