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Chapter 37: There Is No Power Which Is Higher than Love

And this planet is the blessed planet, because all other planets - and there are millions of planets in the universe - are simply dead, not even grass grows there. Nobody sits there silently doing nothing. It is all empty. Only this small earth is so fortunate that all kinds of life exist. In man it has become conscious, and in a few men it has become super-conscious, and in every man it has the possibility of becoming super-consciousness. That means attaining, arriving at the very essence of truth, of immortality, of eternity.

We may not have a home, but we will go on wandering like gypsies around the world, making the whole world our home.

Home is where we are. Home is where there is love. Home is where there is harmony.

I often feel that people, particularly men, only see certain facets of me, thinking this is the real me, but deep down I feel misunderstood because I don’t know if all these facets are all that I am. But I feel there is much more to me that nobody sees or perhaps wants to see.
With you I feel the situation is just the opposite: I feel you contact the real me. When I am surrounded by people, it makes me sad that they don’t see the real me.
Could you please say something about this?

Firstly, people can see only aspects of you. They cannot see your real self because they have not seen their own real self. Neither have you seen your real self.

You simply feel that people are taking your aspects as your whole reality - and that is not true, because you know there are other aspects.

But you also are not aware of your real self. Even the sum total of all your aspects is not the real you - you are more than the sum total of all the aspects.

In fact, it has nothing to do with aspects.

Your real being is only a watcher, a seer, a witness.

All the aspects are of your mind, of your personality.

You are simply a mirror which reflects anything that comes in front of it, but the moment it has moved away the mirror is again empty.

So the first thing to remember is; don’t get angry, don’t get disturbed that people are not seeing you in your reality. You yourself have not seen you in your reality. First try to see yourself in your reality. The moment you see yourself in your reality you will not feel angry if somebody thinks a certain aspect is your whole; you will feel compassion for the person because his capacity to know is very limited. You will help the person to know your other aspects, and finally to know you - which is not an aspect, which is something beyond all aspects.

That is why with me you feel different.

I don’t see your aspects. I am not concerned with them. I simply see you as a mirror, because I know everybody is just a mirror in their deepest core.

So I never judge a person because every judgment means you have taken certain aspects and you have made that aspect the person’s whole being.

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