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Chapter 4: To Become Free in an Unfree Society

But this is not self-realization. And when Jung starts talking about self-realization through dream analysis, he is talking very stupidly. It is not self-realization, because self-realization comes only when there is no mind. Dreams interpreted are not interpreted; they belong to the mind, they are part of the mind. And no psychology of the West - except for Gurdjieff, Eckhart and Jacob Boehme - no psychology of the West goes beyond mind. And these few people, Jacob Boehme, Eckhart and Gurdjieff, in fact don’t belong to the West, they belong to the East. Their whole standpoint is Eastern. They are born in the West, but their attitude, their way of life, their very understanding is of the East. When I say “of the East,” always remember that I don’t mean geographically.

To me, East is a standpoint and West is also a standpoint. I am not concerned with geography. “West” is a way of looking at things, “East” is also a way of looking at things. When East looks at things it looks at the total, and when West looks at things it always looks at the part. The Western attitude is analytical - it analyzes. The Eastern attitude is synthetic - it synthesizes, it tries to find the one in the many. The Western attitude tries to find the many in the one.

The Western attitude has become very efficient in analyzing, dissecting, taking things apart. Even a movement like the Psychosynthesis of Assagioli is not a real synthesis, because the very standpoint is missing. First Freud and Jung have taken things apart, they have broken the whole, and now Assagioli is trying to put those parts together somehow.

You can dissect a man into parts, he was alive; when you have dissected him, he is no longer alive. Now you can put the parts back again but the life will not come. It will be a dead corpse. And even parts put together again will not make it a whole. What Freud and Jung did, Assagioli is simply repenting for. He is putting the parts together again but it is a corpse. There is no synthesis in it.

You have to look at the whole, and the whole is something totally different. Now even biologists have become aware, even medicine is becoming more and more aware every day, that when you take the blood out of a man to examine it, it is no longer the same blood that was running through the man because now it is dead. You are examining something else. The blood circulating in man is alive. It belongs to a whole, a system; it runs through it. It is as alive as a hand of the body. You cut the hand - it is no longer the same hand. How can the blood be the same when you take it out of the body, take it to the lab and examine it? It is no longer the same blood.

Life exists as a unity, and the Western standpoint is to dissect, to go to the part, to understand the part and through the part to try to comprehend the whole. You will always miss. Even if you can comprehend like Assagioli, then that comprehension will be like a corpse: somehow put together but with no living unity in it.

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