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Chapter 11: The Soul’s Thirst

But any seeker who reaches the state of samadhi never returns the same person; he returns a completely new person. On the return all relationships are changed in his mind; however, he does return into the mind. Previously, when he used to live in the mind, he was a slave of the mind, he had no mastery over anything; the mind was able to get him to do anything it wanted. He had to agree to whatsoever mind was dictating, he had to run wherever the mind was making him run. It was a slavery by the mind; mind had the reins of the soul in its hands.

When a seeker returns from the doors of samadhi into the mind he returns as the master. Now the reins are in his own hands. Now he moves the mind where he wants to move it. If he does not want to move it anywhere, he does not move it. If he wants it to function, he makes it function, otherwise not. Now mind has no power of its own. But the seeker who has attained to samadhi can remember things only after he returns to the mind - of course, as its master this time. Because memory is a faculty of mind, that is why he can look back through mind to see what had happened.

This means that mind registers not only the events of the worldly life, but also registers what is happening when the seeker enters samadhi. Mind is a two-sided mirror. In it the outside world is reflected, in it the inside world is reflected. So it is only when the seeker returns to the mind that he is able to experience what happened. If he returns through the same three steps, then only can he express it.

While returning from samadhi, the first step of the seeker will be assimilation. It is at the step of assimilation that he will start experiencing what he has known in samadhi in a subtle form, at a deep level, at his own ultimate center. He will start seeing it reflected in his own behavior. When he lifts his foot, it will not feel as if it is the same old foot; the foot will have a sort of dance to it. When he raises his eyes and sees, the eyes will not feel as if they are the same old eyes, but fresh and clear like the morning dewdrop. When getting up he will feel as if weightless, as if he can fly in the sky. When he takes his meals he will see that the food is going into his body and he himself has never taken meals.

Now whatsoever the seeker just returned from samadhi does on that first step of assimilation, there will be the reflection of samadhi in his behavior; everywhere his behavior will have a new grace. That man of yesterday is dead. He is not the same person who was there before samadhi, standing within the boundary of assimilation. The step is the same, but this person climbing down is different. He has returned having known something, and he has returned knowing such a thing that his entire life is transformed. And in this knowing the old has died and the new is born.

At the step of assimilation he will see that which has happened in samadhi reflected. The juice that has flowed within him will be seen flowing in every direction in his behavior, from his every cell.

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